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Future from past: Columbia professor shows India the key to innovation

What makes innovation happen? Columbia Business School professor William Duggan's book Strategic Intuition answers that question.

While reading it, what struck me was how closely the principles he discovered mirrored those that I had used in creating my own innovations. You will frequently see "I agree" on the margins of my copy of the book.

One of the principles Duggan describes is: selective recombination of previous elements (perhaps from different disciplines) into a new whole." See how it applies to one of my innovations — the business process centric approach to software development (aka Process-Centered Design). Let me show you the original version of the approach, which actually was used in user interface (UI) design. Now, UI design belongs to a decades-old discipline called Human-Computer Interaction. I broke through the boundaries of the HCI discipline and borrowed from the business process management discipline to create the process-centric approach.


Innovation leaders are a different breed: my article at NASSCOM blog

To most companies and managers, while the importance of Innovation might be clear, the answer to "Where do I start?" might not be clear. Creating a senior leadership position in Innovation is the answer.
Leaders who can lead the Innovation agenda in your organization are a breed different than the best corporate and project managers. If so, who might qualify to be an Innovation leader?
In an article that NASSCOM invited me to write, I answer this question with a little help from Jean-Philippe Deschamps, former VP at Arthur D. Little.
Click here to read the article at the NASSCOM website. NASSCOM, by the way, is india's chamber of commerce of IT.

My NASSCOM Emerge session on Change leadership

My 2-hour presentation titled How Leaders Make Change Happen was held at NASSCOM's headquarters in New Delhi on January 29, 2010. Neeru Goel, Director, Snap-On Business Solutions welcomed the audience. Close to 30 people in management positions in areas ranging from engineering to business development to HR attended the session.
I designed the session around real-world cases, starting with insights from my own Change initiative. I suggested that 3 participants share their change leadership experience. Interestingly, rather than just 3, nearly everyone shared their challenges and ideas. SB Navrang, Manager Business Development, Symmetrical Management Consulting said, "Wonderful interacting with Pradeep Henry and others ... best part was the open discussion."
Innovation being a Change trigger, a lot of discussion was around it. Participants felt that culture has been hindering creative Indians from innovating for the world. The way a child is raised, the education system,…