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The early days of a company and the significance of your contribution

Note: A slightly different version of this article first appeared at a NASSCOM blog
More than 7.7 million results will display if you google today for “early days of the company.” Add to it the results for related phrases like “formative days,” “startup days,” and variants. The number is huge and it demonstrates the significance of “those” days. “Those” days are challenging. They are fun. More importantly, they play a shaping role. What you do “back then” determines what your company might become. Here are just three of several factors that can play such a future-impacting role …
Corporate credo Take Johnson & Johnson’s credo, which is considered the world’s most powerful statement of business purpose. It declares the order of priority: Customers first, shareholders last. It was crafted in 1943, but continues to determine how the company is run. Four decades after it was first written, when seven people died of poisoning due to tampered Tylenol capsules, JnJ’s same-old credo helped C…