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100 years of IBM innovations

Courtesy: IBM
Milestones are a great time to celebrate — especially if the journey leading up to a milestone had positive impact on others. IBM has reasons to celebrate 100 years. Are IBM's innovations lick-worthy like Apple's? You may not say Yes to that, but we cannot deny the contribution of IBM's innovations to businesses worldwide.
It's not only IBM's innovations that impact businesses. There's a lot to learn from IBM's failures, too. When quality failed, IBM turned around to win a prestigious Quality award. The story is inspiringly told in The Quality Journey: How Winning the Baldridge Sparked the Remaking of IBM. When profits failed, IBM turned around and Lou Gerstner's Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?: How I Turned Around IBM is not just a book, but a complete course in change leadership.
I have worked on several projects for IBM — since my first project for IBM Nordic Laboratory in 1989. Here's one of the reasons why I want to join the I…