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My first movie review!

I've been asked to review business software, business processes, and business plans. How did TiE (the organization that believes it has the largest pool of intellectual capital anywhere) think I could review a movie?

The movie is about business. The Social Network. Or the story of Mark Zuchergerg and Facebook.

And at last Friday's TiE event in Chennai called "Watch. Discuss. Network." we screened a 30-min summary of the movie. And I led a discussion on entrepreneurship based on the Facebook story. The audience comprising entrepreneurs, wannabes, and networkers enjoyed talking about things like "Who's idea was it?" ... "Entrepreneurial leadership" ... "Ownership split" ...

One participant said the event "was very informative ... The questions you asked and the way you moderated the discussion was excellent."

That sounds like a happy ending to my first movie review. Thanks in part to the Columbia Business School programs I to…