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The best bosses are not sweethearts

The best leaders transfer the biggest value to their subordinates. Soon, these subordinates have a resume – while they still may be in their 20s or 30s – that would take them to places they never imagined just a few years earlier.

The best leaders however are also known to be tough bosses. Some of America's high-impact bosses are also the toughest. The list includes Steve Jobs. Just ask Scott Forstall.

It was Steve's insanely high standards that allowed him and his teams to innovate and to change the world.

Talking about his two best bosses, Tom Peters says that they "were my two toughest bosses. Both practiced psychological terrorism – though neither knew he was doing so. Both set mercilessly high standards for themselves. And neither believed in barriers to achievement ... Both sent me home screaming. I recall literally a year of just about non-stop headaches in one case. It doesn't jibe with the perfectly balanced life. But I'll tell you, I learned more, faster…