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Forrester's "personal" BT lessons

Leader of the IT-to-BT move George F. Colony talks about a change he made at Forrester Research and the lessons learned. The change is about turning "CIO" into "CBTO." And the lessons come from four areas: 1. The job search 2. Business focus 3. Regime change 4. A new yardstick. Check it out:

How to create your impact scorecard

Most resumes and biographies list the individual's activities, outputs, or possessions like in ... I have a master's degree ... I am a VP in a large company ... I lead a 500-person team ... I've published 5 articles ... These items make the individual and his/her family proud. But how do readers react? Readers likely have one or more of these questions in their minds: "So what?" "What's the big deal?" "What's in it for me?" Such questions pose a challenge to the traditional resume. The test might fail even when you have measures (team size, for example) and associated numbers. India's Mahatma Gandhi fasted a certain number of times as part of his campaign. Whether the number was 5 or 50 is not as important as the outcome he is credited to have achieved.
So, I'm suggesting that we explore beyond the activity/output/possessions boundary. Try outcomes. Try impact. Outcomes and impact are already used in business through framewor…