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Creative blending makes old song like new ... Merry Christmas!

Meet this family of high-quality musicians that brings classicism to the common man. Watch how they make a 16th-century Christmas song sound fresh.

The family, called Annie Moses Band, not only stuns audiences with albums, concert tours, and PBS airings, they also help others capture "the creative call God has placed on every person."

Merry Christmas!

You can be an architect of progress

There are lots of stories about failed change initiatives and about the near impossibility of making change happen. How then did we progress from the stone age to where we're today? Didn't we have several successful change initiatives along the way? For example, how did we get to what we call Information Technology or IT? Answer: through change initiatives that took the DP of the 1950s to EDP to MIS to IS to IT.
"(change) is the only thing that has brought progress." Charles Kettering, automotive exec & inventor with 186 patents Sure, leading change is not as easy as managing the status quo, but it has been possible and should be possible every time you have something with potential positive impact.

So, go ahead, be the architect of progress that you want to be.