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Richard Branson's "planetary ambition" for capitalism

Richard Branson is calling for a more ethical way of doing business. Ethical capitalism. Or Capitalism 24902 as he has labeled it.
"Every single busines person has the responsibility for taking care of the people and planet that make up our global village, all 24,902 circumferential miles of it," he says in his new book.The book Screw Business As Usual spotlights a few of the companies that already use his Capitalism 24902 principles:
Salesforce.comGroFin by ShellKimberly-ClarkGeneral ElectricWal-Mart Stores... a lot of evidence that "doing good really is good for business."

Why Buffett is among "Americans of the Year"

Esquire magazine's list of 2011 "Americans of the Year" include Warren Buffet. I'm summarizing for you Buffett's "performance" that got him into the list:
His search for value as an investor is an extension of his personal valuesNever enriched himself by moving his money around but rather by spending on companies and industries he believes inNever leveraged his company in order to leverage his lifestyleVolunteered to pay a higher tax ratePledged 99% of his wealth to philanthropyStayed optimistic, calm, resolute, and cheerful. Award-winning journalist Tom Junod summarizes: "(Buffett) continues to be the kind of rich man who cares about being the kind of rich man Americans admire."