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Bar code: how it took over the world

Lessons for innovators from Joseph Woodland's success:

1. The technology is reliable

2. The technology's benefits are obvious to the intended audience

3. A governing body establishes the standards

4. "An extravagant, surprising, and often expensive effort to seed the market"

5. Everyone allowed to build their own "version" of the technology.

And of course, the innovator's own conviction and courage!

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek, December 24, 2012 - January 6, 2013

India violent?

That violence happens in every country is known because it is usually seen and heard. Violence in India, on the other hand, is rarely seen and heard. A few reasons why:

1. The form of violence is COWARDLY: They are commited on helpless women. "Helpless" because women in india do not report violence (if they do, things often get worse for them). A NY-Times article reports that violence such as rape and dowry disputes in india lead to "the death of almost two million women a year."

2. The form of violence is COVERT: There is rampant witchcraft attacks that are believed to be unprovable and therefore unpunishable. Due to the "unprovable" nature of these attacks, the media only reports the killing of alleged witches, whereas certain sources such as 1-on-1 interactions suggest that witchcraft is frequently used to hurt or destroy individuals and families. Some reasons for witchcraft attacks are envy, greed, and vengeance.

3. NO PUNISHMENT: In "Why India i…