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Bose: how I switched to tiny

The audio salesperson seated me and my family in a small room at the store. We could see a pair of big box-like stuff in front of us, which I thought were speakers. You know, I love audio systems with big powerful speakers. My first audio system that I bought in the mid-80s was an AKAI ... loved it so much, I actually custom-designed the wooden stands on which the big speakers elegantly stood. Even the current system in my home-office has floor-model large speakers. But at the store, the music began to play and the salesperson opened what turned out to be cabinet doors – to reveal tiny little BOSE speakers.

We bought the BOSE system. My family found it cute. And I was impressed by the sound quality – and the thinking behind the demo! Great stuff for our family room.

Inventor and company founder Dr Bose passed away recently. Hope his company continues to produce excellent products.