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Transient advantage in, Sustainable advantage out?

I pre-ordered and read the book, The End of Competitive Advantage. Author Rita McGrath presented the "Leading change" program I attended at Columbia Business School in 2008. More interestingly, among the companies she researched for the book, my former employer Cognizant is at the top of the list (and I had spent 11 years there)!

The book is about a strategy that is already getting into business dictionaries: transient advantage (versus sustainable advantage, which is what Porter and others taught us).

"From the many global cases discussed (one of them is my former employer), it is clear that transient advantage is increasingly used to achieve business growth and success. Professor McGrath not only shares transient principles with LEADERS, but – importantly – provides information that can help EMPLOYEES to prepare for successful careers in organizations that use transient principles." The preceding is a copy/paste of my review at Th…