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How to hunt down profitable ideas

Imagine you know a person who has not only advised 100s of top brands as varied as Victoria's Secret and IBM, but also (through a high-growth innovation firm he founded) continually learns from thousands of businesses, innovations, innovators, and innovation methods. Imagine he writes a book on innovation. How would you describe his book? Battle-tested, I'd think!

The person is Jeremy Gutsche. And his book is "Better and Faster." To me, the only not-so-interesting thing about the book is the title, but the point is, you get BETTER at overcoming innovation inhibitors and FASTER at exploiting profitable opportunities.

"Better and Faster" makes a good start, right at the Prologue. The Prologue describes Robert Lang's amazing story of connecting the ancient art of Origami to tech-intensive work at NASA and at other organizations that invent the future. The book goes on to provide many more such well-researched stories that inspire us to generate our own pr…