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Before you watch another news report, watch this whistleblower

If the leftist media was biased back in 2001, it is an outright mafia today

Bernard Goldberg, a 28-year-veteran at leftist media outlet CBS, has exposed the "pettiness, hypocrisy, and bias inside CBS ... Just turn on your TV set and it’s there … but it’s there too often in too many stories."

Shockingly, you see not only political bias, but social bias as well.

In both political and social topics, the leftist media puts out content that dupes both loyalists and new-comers. Why are they so biased: self-serving purposes such as ratings and manipulation for votes.

Goldberg exposes the leftist media.


Leftist media constantly attempts to manipulate people's mind with the following tricks.

1. They lie. Or misinform.

2. They hide certain things, as though these things did not exist or did not matter.

3. They won’t let the other voices be heard. More recently, author Sharyl Attkisson was not allowed to freely air segments that exposed Obama scandals such as Operation Fast and Furious and the Benghazi terror attack. If they allow a truth to be told, the anchor will make an on-camera false summary.

4. They don’t report the really big story, such as the absence of mothers from American homes. Due to this absence, millions upon millions of American children have been left, as Eberstadt puts it, "to fend for themselves" - with dire consequences.

5. They use language and tone masterfully to mislead us. They use words like “scheme” instead of “plan” if it comes from Republicans. News morphs into entertainment; or vulgarity is used under the guise of entertainment; today's practitioners: Colbert and Olbermann, for example.

Hatchet job

CBS did a hatchet job to Steve Forbes, a serious, intelligent man seeking the most important job in the country.

Dan Rather, who today is called the Godfather of Fake News, the man behind the big anchorman smile, is really a Mafia hitman who kisses you on the cheek right before he puts a bullet through your eyeball.

Hate speech

The leftist media can get away with making certain observations that conservatives never could. Why is it that when liberal media stars say nasty things they’re merely sharing their thoughts and feelings, but when the same sentiment comes out of a conservative’s mouth, it’s seen as mean-spirited? LA Times was offended by “I think it is reasonable to believe that Bill Clinton was a rapist.” However, linking a Republican senator to KKK is apparently nothing to get worked up over (while hiding the fact it was democrats who founded KKK and its current version AntiFa). The media elites can hear even the whispers of what they consider hate speech fifty miles away, but they can’t hear it dripping off their own nasty tongues; they probably think "liberal hate-speech" is an oxymoron.

Slur aimed at some groups

Religious people are juicy targets. Here's what a CBS guy called Gary Bauer: "the little nut from the Christian group." Would a journalist ever make such a disparaging remark, so openly, about the head of a Jewish group? Or a gay group? Or a black group?

Did you know about the oppression of responsible men? Completely innocent men were caught in Gil Garcetti’s dragnet: pay child support for someone else’ child. Or about the feminist response to any “controversial” news about day care? They called for more federal laws and subsidies to improve the quality of day care, when in fact working moms were at the center of a variety of cultural issues.

Prettifying reality

If you want to arouse sympathy for the homeless, you do not put forward off-putting specimens. Apply the same principle for the AIDS cause. Make the AIDS victims look more like you and me, and maybe we can drum up some support for the AIDS cause while we’re drumming up some support for our ratings.

Advocacy trick

If the media didn't find enough to prettify, they exaggerate. As regards homeless people, the researched range was 230,000 to 462,000, but CNN said “three million Americans have no place to call home.” NBC said 5 million. CBS said 19 million by 2000! They must portray it as worse. This is the standard operating procedure. Media made it look as if the Reagan admin practically invented homelessness (rather than the pathologies of the homeless). Homelessness ended the day Clinton was sworn in as president. In 1990, when Bush was president, there were 71 homeless stories, but in 1995, when Bill was in the WH, the number went down to 9! As regards AIDS, the campaign focused mainly on the one group that wasn’t in real danger: those who were not homosexuals.

Spreading fear

The leftist media spread the epidemic of fear about AIDS. Scaring the hell out of people makes for good television even when it makes for shallow journalism.

Virtue signaling

Any suggestion that gays might actually be fueling the AIDS epidemic was seen as homophobia. Anyone who argued against affirmative action ran the risk of being called a racist.


The leftist media can spot a bigot a hundred miles away, but they pretend not to see any bigotry in themselves. When liberals rant, they call it free speech; when conservatives rant, they call it incitement to violence.

Using so-called experts

A leftist reporter will find an "expert" to say anything he or she wants — anything! It happens all the time.

Worse today

Goldberg's book was published in 2001. Since then things have only gotten worse.

New York Times and Washington Post, for example, publish classified information. Classified information is information that hurts their own country in many ways, including undermining the government's ability to function effectively and endangering national security. Publishing classified information is self-serving alt-Left political activism that sells out the country.

I have studied Journalism for a full year and I have closely watched dozens of international media channels/newspapers in the last several years (also been interviewed by media outlets). Not once have I even heard of the kind of traitorous recklessness like we see in NYT and WaPo.

Who they are

Journalist Hunter Thompson defined the media business as “a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs."

Arm of the democrat party: Journalist James Glassman said, "The people who report the stories are leftist democrats. This is the shameful open secret of American journalism." Well, it's not uncommon for a political party to have a megaphone in the form of a media outlet. Hitler had a propaganda machine. In the state where I live (in India), both major parties have their own outlets, with party emblems. In these cases, people know about potential bias and can therefore make their own conclusions. Leftist media outlets such as CNN, on the other hand, falsely claim neutrality. They pretend to be neutral, and have a nice exterior that dupes people with a panel of differently colored people, "experts," etc. But you remember CNN colluding with Hillary recently.

Out-of-touch elites: Leftist journalists don’t have blue-collar people in their families. They don’t have blue-collar friends, and they don’t want any. So they are hopelessly out of touch with everyday Americans.

The real racists: Affirmative actions to them means racial preferences (rather than reaching out to bring more minorities into the process). It’s not about telling the truth; it's merely about being politically correct for self-serving reasons. TV shows are not supposed to portray wealthy black people, because this would be ignoring the plight of poor ones. And poor black people should not be shown because this would be stereotyping black people as poor.

If doing good were what it was about, we’d spend lots of money investigating why so many blacks wind up on the chain gang. All the apparent concern for blacks wasn’t about injustices. It was about feeling better about ourselves — and making as little personal sacrifices as possible. Will the lefty boss give up his job to a qualified minority person? They love affirmative action as long as their own kids get into Ivy League schools. They distort images to make themselves feel less guilty, and, most importantly, to "prove" how good and caring they are.

They showcase their race diversity (and diversity of gender and diversity of sexual orientation), but do not allow thought diversity. Why isn’t it bad to have so many liberals dominating the culture of the newsroom? It’s not just that so many journalists are so different from mainstream America; it’s that some are downright hostile to what many Americans hold sacred.

How it impacts us

With CNN present in airports and homes world-wide, other outlets pick up their stuff and distribute it locally. So people all over the world are being duped.


Goldberg says, "How my (media) colleagues treat cigarette, tire, oil, and other company executives … the media business deserves the same hard look." But people have very little power to challenge the leftist bias. There's one thing we can do: stop watching/reading known "mainstream" fake news media or look at multiple sources and parse the content critically. This is happening today. And this is why internet-based independent media outlets are growing and the so-called mainstream media is shrinking.


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