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Showing posts from December 3, 2017

Democrat hypocrisy: 2 recent examples

Example 1 Democrats are screaming about GOP passing the 500 page tax bill sometime between 1AM and 2AM.

Have they forgotten about the 20,000 page healthcare scam they passed in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve?

Have they forgotten how they dragged Sen Byrd in on a stretcher through a snow storm to vote?
Example 2 Democrat senator Dick Durbin is complaining about handwritten changes GOP made to the tax bill.

Has Durbin forgotten that he authored a handwritten amendment to Dodd-Frank? Here it is ...

How sad that tens of millions vote for this party.

AP's false news undercut by CNN

Roy Moore's accuser suddenly appeared without evidence and just before his possible election.

So, I do not know whether anyone campaigning for him is doing the right thing, but the point is how the legacy media lies.

AP reported that Steve Bannon withdrew his support for Moore. Interestingly, CNN (of all) was saying the exact opposite. AP retracted its story.

ABC News uses fake news to destroy people's savings

ABC News' Joy Behar reads out fake news and celebrates. And a bunch of duped leftists in her show cheer ... Watch video.

Rogue "chief investigative reporter" Brian Ross deliberately changed "President-Elect Trump" to "Candidate Trump."

The Dow plunged 350 points.

Leftstream media outlets make up and distribute fake news all the time. Unfortunately, the duped audience wants to stay duped.