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One of America's best PROCESS INNOVATION projects?

How regulations in America looked in 1960. How they look now. And a promise: regulations will be less than how they looked in 1960.

If done within reasonable time, this would be one of the best examples for the world on process innovation. There's more.

Notice the use of experiential communication. Stacks of paper representing the then and the now. Cutting of red tape. Fantastic lesson on how to communicate ideas!

Do not blindly trust "experts"

What the media told you to do before election ...

What's happened now ... The Dow is up 6680 points since his tweet.

Wikileaks versus "corporate media"

"If the DOJ seeks to prosecute Wikileaks or Julian Assange, then they also have to do so to other media outlets who have published official documents and leaks like The Washington Post and The New York Times. Equal justice for all." Angel Fox

Indian IT companies formed CARTEL to keep entry-level salary low, admits IT industry veteran

People in the industry always knew that folks fresh out of college were underpaid. But it's remarkable that the word "cartel" was used by a co-founder of Infosys, Mohandas Pai. Read Times of India article here.

Black unemployment: 7.3% under Trump, 16.7% under Obama

The leftist media won't tell you this because they want to DUPE YOU -- blacks (and everyone) -- into thinking that Trump is a racist. Reason: they want your votes. Here's more shocking facts.

It was the democratic party that started using you as slaves. Here's the shocker: they have continued to use you as slaves -- to this day. To this day.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for black Americans is the lowest it has been since the year 2000, 17 years ago.