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Media first trashes a rogue, then suddenly changes views

CNN, NYT, etc have been trashing Michael Wolff. But suddenly, they all started glorifying him – the moment they found out that his book "Fire and Fury" trashes the White House!

Are you noticing the leftists quietly withdrawing from the fake FusionGPS dossier that Hillary funded? As for me, having seen the left continually duping people with fake after fake after fake, I'm expecting the leftists to withdraw themselves from Wolff's book as well.

But they will soon come up with another fake story. Faking will only stop when they see power-abusers put in jail. With Obama having corrupted Justice Department and FBI (and a mostly spineless bunch of republican officials), that could take longer.

Folks that are proud kicking foreigners out want to live in a foreign country

The people of Singapore are different, it appears. In "Colonialism can work – just look at Singapore," Jeevan Vasagar shows how Singapore's postcolonial rulers seized the advantages left them by the British empire and used them, for the most part, for the benefit of wider society. Read here. After colonialism ended, Singapore borrowed a lot of ideas from the United States.

Singapore is a world-class state. And so are many countries that borrowed from the West and put it to use in their countries.

India appears to be a case in contrast. People still talk with "pride" about how they got rid of the Brits (sure, freedom is good). But these same people want to escape from India to Britain ... and to other Western countries like the US. Or they've already escaped. How this attitude translates is a long story, but here's the bottom-line: a third of India doesn't even have electricity and toilets.

"If you worry about your reputation you don't deserve to have one."

Nassim Nicholas Taleb 1/2:
If you worry about your reputation you don't deserve to have one. Let me add just a bit to Taleb's great quote ...

True reputation is earned based on your positive CONTRIBUTIONS to entities other than yourself and your family: employers, customers, industry, society, Church, country, world, whatever.

Ask yourself: What have I discovered, invented, shared, set up, or built that will be of significant value to another entity for some time?

Contributions are not about our title (director, VP, etc). It's nice to have a big title (I would like to have one, too). At best, titles make us and our family happy. But chasing after titles could be a sign of narcissism. Titles are rarely a trustworthy certificate of contribution. This is true today when titles are increasingly achieved through bootlicking, back-stabbing, even hijacking another's job.

Contributions have longer life. They cannot be erased overnight. Five hundred years after German professor…

3 questions Iranians protesting for freedom are asking the Left

The vast majority of Iranians are good people, but they have a bad regime.

They're asking the ex-US president: Why did Obama give $10 Billion of cash+gold to a terror-backing regime? (Read Wall Street Journal report)

They're asking the leftist media: Why won't you cover our protest for freedom from such a regime? Why do those that cover mislead the world with headlines like "Iranians hold pro-government rallies"? (Read Iranian-Australian Rita Panahi)

They're asking those who use nice words like freedom and equality: Where are the liberals and their women's march in support of the oppressed Iranian women? (Read Iranian-Australian Rita Panahi)

"We don't want an Islamic Republic" protesters chant in — Armin Navabi (@ArminNavabi) December 30, 2017
Woman screams ‘Death to Khamenei’ in front of the Law Enforcement Forces and crowds chant along with her — Pot…