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Intelligence memo revelation in one word: ObamaGate?

Classified? Or incomplete?

Intelligence leakers and their leak-publishing media have been saying they're worried about the release of the memo! Read the memo and you can see that the original "Classified" label put on the memo was itself an abuse of power. "Classification stickers are used by bureaucrats trying to obtain political security for their cronies."

At the same time: "Democrats say we don't have the full picture! Ok, then let's release all of the information. Tell Americans the full story."

Dossier created to achieve political agenda

FBI officials knew the political origins of the "salacious and unverified" dossier on Trump campaign team. They knew it was a Hillary/DNC-funded fake dossier. But they used it anyway to get a FISA warrant for spying on the Trump campaign team -- in the hope of finding something to stop Trump's candidacy or presidency! "It's a confluence of the Democratic Party, the Obama Administration, Fusion GPS, and the media."

Illegal surveillance

Spying on American citizens without a valid FISA warrant is illegal. The memo says the fake dossier was key (if not the only thing) to FBI’s FISA warrant to surveil members of Trump campaign.

Threat to free and fair election

"Not only did the Memo lay bare a systemic pattern of abuse within the FBI and DOJ, it confirmed my worst fear: America’s free and fair elections were being threatened from within. Our own DOJ worked to tip the scales of justice in order to benefit one political candidate."

Role of FBI / DOJ

"FBI took a salacious and unverified dossier to secret court to get secret warrant to spy on fellow Americans (Trump campaign members), and FBI doesn't tell the court that Hillary/DNC paid for that dossier. And they did that FOUR times."

"The person who testified that there would've been no FISA warrant had it not been for that unverified dossier was none other than ex-FBI Andrew McCabe, who recently departed in a very hasty fashion."

Not once, but four different times the FBI and DOJ dressed up the fake dossier as intelligence before the FISA court to spy on Hillary's opponent. "Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates, and Jim Comey all signed FISA renewals without any probable cause or concrete evidence."

"Bruce Ohr, a DOJ official, was receiving oppo "research" from his wife, Nellie, who was working for Fusion GPS. Bruce Ohr was taking Hillary/DNC paid-for "research" and giving it to the FBI. That relationship was NOT disclosed to the FISA court. How? How does that happen?"

"FBI authorized payment to Hillary campaign operative Steele. Obama DOJ funneled anti-Trump info from Hillary campaign operatives to FBI through Bruce Ohr."

Role of media

"DOJ officials used Yahoo News story -- fed to Yahoo by Steele (the author himself) -- as further evidence for FISA warrant. This is called "circular reporting," and is a cardinal sin in intelligence work."

If the roles were reversed and Republicans spied on the Democratic campaign, the mainstream media would be in full-on outrage mode. But today, they’re in suppression mode!

"There are never smoking guns with liberals anymore. Because they use their media boot-lickers to lie for them and hide the smoking gun under a blanket of false counter-accusations and media propaganda. The Vichy media is a complete disgrace."

There is no democratic party without its corrupt media. And vice versa!

RussiaGate or ObamaGate?

"A Special Prosecutor was named to investigate RussiaGate when there was no crime as is required by the Special Prosecutor Statute, and the evidence used was fake and known to be fake at the time." "For Andrew Mccabe to admit that they could not obtain the FISA warrant without the Steele dossier, is proof that they had nothing of significance as far as Russian collusion." "There's no Mueller investigation without the fake dossier paid for by Hillary/DNC."

"The Obama administration conspired with the Hillary campaign to abuse the power of government in an effort to sabotage Trump's campaign."

Fascism / police-state

An expert on fascism says ...
  • Obama and Hillary represent a "gangsterization" of the US government and the Democratic Party; and the media outlets are their protectors
  • James Comey fits among fascist operatives like Eichmann and Speer
  • National security is not served when corrupt FBI officials invoke it to cover their political thuggery
  • The Democrats are now officially the party of the police state
  • Obama was always a thug. Not a street thug. More like a mafia don surrounded by unscrupulous capos like Holder, Bharara, Lynch, and Comey.
  • The essence of fascism is not Antifa street thuggery. It is the weaponization of the government against political adversaries.
"Watching police-state Democrats foaming at the mouth on TV while declaring people “Russian agents” w/absolutely no evidence is frightening. These are dangerous people. Republics collapse when the presumption of innocence & the necessity of evidence disappear in a fog of innuendo."


Thanks to House Intelligence Committee for the transparency. Now it’s time for action? "Investigate the DOJ, FBI, DNC, and HRC campaign for high crimes including sedition. Then take action." "Political forces use government to silence their opponents. People need to go to jail."

Sources: the unclassified memo and twitter quotes from various folks including journalists and the American people


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