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“Russian meddling” is different from “Russia-Campaign collusion”

Obama meddled with Israeli elections and with Brexit vote – trying to manipulate the will of the people of other countries. Read here.

Many of the Russians indicted by Special Counsel Mueller last week actually entered America when John Kerry was Secretary of State under Obama. And, Obama was also completely fine with Russian meddling — it was happening in 2014. In fact, Obama explained the irrelevance of Russia and his leftists cheered him; watch video below and the media reactions back then ...
Suddenly the gnat became an elephant?!

Mueller's probe is about possible collusion between Trump campaign and Russia. But what his investigation found was that a dozen Russians tried to meddle with the US elections.

Look at the kind of meddling … Trolling with memes on social media … organizing rallies … and a few bigger ones like identity theft. Importantly, these crimes were meant to create division -- not meant to benefit any one candidate … they included anti-Trump and anti-Bernie activities, too. (BTW, aren't CNN and the Left already doing a better job of creating division?)

The real question is, did the Trump campaign collude with the Russians? Deputy AG Rosenstein, while announcing the indictments said: "No allegation in this indictment that any American had any knowledge" of Russian election influence operation.


The probe continues and we'll see what more they find out (besides the already-available evidence of Clintons-Russia collusion).

In the meantime, the leftist mainstream media continues to fool people with headlines that try to conflate two different things: Russia meddling and Trump campaign colluding.


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