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Rogue NYT was more civil in 1984

NYT said nice things about Trump (read below). Trump hasn't changed. NYT has changed. To sewer grade.

Reason: NYT knows that Trump is the ONLY American patriot who ALSO has the Churchill-like courage that is required to:
  • Expose the crimes of DNC/DeepState and their media
  • And (hopefully) stop further damage to America.
Here are quotes from NYT's article THE EXPANDING EMPIRE OF DONALD TRUMP.

'DONALD! HEY, DONALD! DONALD!' THE men were yelling, eager to call him by name.

"The Trump touch. It has set some people in New York to outright Trump  worship; they call him 'a real-estate genius' who has helped lead the city out of the darkness of the mid-1970's into a new era of glamour and excitement."

"That Mr. Trump was able to obtain the location [for Trump Tower], when every real-estate developer in the world would have done just about anything to get it, is testimony to Donald Trump's persistence and to his skills as a  negotiator."

"'He has the uncanny ability to smell blood in the water,' a competitor says."

"He does not seem to write anything down, keeping volumes of company files as mental notes."

"Says Louise M. Sunshine, another executive vice president: 'If it is not the impossible, Donald is simply not interested. There has to be creativity. Money ceased to be the object a long time ago.'"

"'He is an almost unbelievable negotiator,' says Irving Fischer of HRH  Construction. 'I don't worship at the shrine of Donald Trump, but our company has given up trying to negotiate costs with him. We just say: 'Tell us what you want, you're going to get it anyway.'"

“’Trump can sense when people might want to get out of a project,' says a  developer, 'and he moves in, very quickly and very quietly so others will not get into the bidding and drive the price up. He trusts his instincts and has the guts to act on them.'"

"Roy M. Cohn, Mr. Trump's friend and attorney, adds: 'He has an uncanny  sense of knowing that something is a good deal when it looks dismal to  everyone else.'"

"'What sets Trump apart,' says Ben V. Lambert, a real-estate investment  banker, 'is his ability to pierce through the canvas and get things  done. He gets projects literally off the ground while others are having meetings and doing feasibility studies.'"

"'But his real skill is putting together complex pieces of the puzzles:  financing, zoning, parcels of land and such. This ethereal part of building is perhaps more important than the brick and mortar.'"

"'Oh, he lies a great deal,' says Philip Johnson with a laugh. 'But it's sheer  exuberance, exaggeration. It's never about anything important. He's straight as an arrow in his business dealings.'"

"He says that his concern for nuclear holocaust is not one that popped into his mind during any recent made-of-television movie. He says that it has been troubling him since his uncle, a nuclear physicist, began talking to him about it 15 years ago."

"His greatest dream is to personally do something about the problem and,  characteristically, Donald Trump thinks he has an answer to nuclear armament: Let him negotiate arms agreements."


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