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Leftist weightlifter attacks kid

The American left's behaviors are 3rd world grade. There's a lot of leftist violence happening every day in the US. The deceitful leftist media does not cover any of these violent acts. Because, as slaves and partners in democratic party crimes, they're the ones inciting violence 24/7.

Are you a good immigrant or a bad immigrant?

People use the EXCUSE that America is a "nation of immigrants" (a) without knowing the difference between the settlers and the immigrants who the settlers welcomed and (b) without bothering what their migration does to the host country.

I can speak a lot on this (from making generalizations right down to naming misfit individuals and their negative impact on America), but I will instead allow a better informed Nassim Nicholas Taleb to speak . . . Controlled immigration is based on the symmetry that someone brings in at least as much as he/she gets out.The ethics of the immigrant is to defend the system as payback, not mess it up.Uncontrolled immigration has all the attributes of invasions.Immigration requires sacrifice and skin in the game.A country should not tolerate fair-weather friends.Saw the nightmare of uncontrolled immigration of Palestinians (into Lebanon) which caused the civil war ... Seeing the effect of Syrian migration on the place. So I despise these virtue-sig…