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What did obama do about Russia?

1. Obama did NOTHING about Russia's invasion of Georgia (occurred under Bush).

2. Obama did NOTHING when Russia annexed Crimea.

3. Obama did NOTHING when Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine. Obama betrayed the Ukraine when he refused to provide them with defensive weapons.

4. Obama capitulated to Russia in Syria, remember red lines??

5. Obama betrayed Poland when he gave in to Russia by removing the US missile defense system.

6. Obama did NOTHING to prevent Russia from interfering in US elections (except tell Putin to cut it out).

The media focused on none of these things, right? That's how the slave media works. They cover up the corruption and incompetence of their leftist masters.

And they do a 24/7 smear campaign on their political opponents. Did you see Patient Wolfe on CNN (and Doctor Rand Paul diagnosing the disease as TDS)? The leftist hypocrites TALK (fake) as if they care, but they only care about their personal power and money.

Trump repeated what obama/hillary said, but without the spelling error

Leftist hypocrites are saying Trump should not have said nice things about dictator Putin at the Helsinki press conference.

But where was the outrage when hillary met Lavrov to present a Red button with the Russian word “peregruzka” on it? She told him, "We want to RESET our relationship, and so we will do it together."

Lavrov pointed out that she got it wrong. The correct Russian word for reset is “perezagruzka."

Of course, hillary & bill only reset or built relations if they thought they could milk money. Sure enough,  the money started rolling in, as laundered through the Clinton Foundation. For example, some $140M likely associated with Uranium One that is still under investigation. Also, Bill Browder, an America-born financier with a massive Russian portfolio, is supposed to have donated $400 million to the hillary campaign.

Hypocritical leftist con artists.

Simple technique to avoid media manipulation

Referring to his book Fooled by Randomness, Taleb says ...
We react to 1st order. We are manipulated into seeing events separated from statistical context. To avoid such manipulation: Every time I hear Trump did something cruel (e.g. children) I check if NonTrump did the same (Obama did).

Germany's Russia collusion exposed!

Loving this! All sorts of CROOKED people worldwide are being exposed ... with BRUTAL TRUTH ...

Click link you'll see if the video doesn't play.

Strzok: The Creepy Face of the Deep State

PURE EVIL. Destroying justice in America. A corner of the Twitter world has a lot of details about the criminal acts of FBI guy Peter Strzok. During his testimony, the democrats in Congress were with him. One of them, Steve Cohen, even wanted to honor him with a Purple Heart (Cohen tried to walk back after criticism).

The following is claimed to be genuine video, but I do not know.