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Having used the FBI as an oppo-research & surveillance team, democrats think they still own it

Example 1/2 Democrats are trying to stop, delay, or harass the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh. After all other stunts and lies failed, they tried to get a woman to falsely accuse the judge of sexual misconduct.

The accuser says it happened some 40 years ago and that she doesn't remember basic details of the alleged event. (Juanita Broaddrick is watching.) Also, she's part of a Soros activist group (and she suddenly got outraged).

Anyway, every woman's allegation should be heard, unless she was raped by a Democrat such as Keith Ellison, right? So the accuser was invited to testify.

But the fraud wouldn't testify. She wants an FBI investigation !!!
Example 2/2 Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/Warner are telling intel agencies to ignore the Presidential order on declassifying documents about obama-era crimes !!!

Democrat voters are mostly low-info. They do not know that obstructing the POTUS from using his constitutionally assigned powers is sedition.
And here's the response
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What do you want to be: Rich & anon? Poor & famous? Or ...?

The only way you can be ethical & famous is if you use your reach to expose frauds in society that are *not* (yet) considered frauds & put your reputation at risk. #SkinintheGame — Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) September 17, 2018Taleb also said:
If you see fraud and don’t call it fraud, you are a fraud.

Declassifi-cation just ordered, but we've already seen the consequences of leftist panic

Some leftist media outlets have already seen the unredacted version of docs detailing OBAMA DOJ ABUSES. As slaves of the DNC-led Deep State and complicit in DNC/DS crimes, they tried a coverup through relentless propaganda designed to deceive the people of America and the World.

They succeeded in deceiving the people.

I'm not a republican/democrat, not even an American citizen, BUT I love America, sharing a tiny bit of its culture and knowing very well what made it great. From this perspective, I could see the un-American and anti-American things that the DNC-led Deep State has been doing.

Bad things have been happening for a long time, but a systematic culture of corruption was set up under obama. Fearing disclosure by Trump, who is an outsider, patriot, strategist, risk-taker, and doer, the leftist media started a fact-free smear campaign against him.

Although I blogged frequently, these posts may provide some context to declassification:

1. Dec 14, 2017 ... 1/2: In Obama-corrup…

Jargon monoxide by vendors and "experts"

I agree with Stanford professor Bob Sutton. He's heard 75 definitions of "agile" from 75 folks.

I was recently wondering why 75 different vendors and so-called experts were providing 75 different meanings for the term "strategy."

Another abused term is "UX" ("design thinking" is a competing term and is fighting to survive). Don Norman was THE best in human-centric design back when he published the classic "The Design of Everyday Things." Sadly, he now uses the term UX and says the term includes "everything" (like a pizza with everything on it).

In politics, labels (or name-calling) can be entertaining, directionally accurate, and very effective. The label "Avenatti" is currently defined as "a creepy porn lawyer." Avenatti defined himself as a champion of women. That lie didn't stick: He's been profiting by exploiting a woman who works at a strip club. (Typical hypocrite. Sadly, this is the kind…

(Original video) Google FASCISTS promise to change the result of the next US election

Watch Scott Adams' OMG, OMG moment ...

1. Leaders at one of the world's biggest public companies act as though they do not have any conservative employee OR any conservatives if present were not welcome. This is BIGOTRY by definition.

2. ceo pitchai promises to change the political election result next time -- using google's tools. This is FASCISM by definition.

An IBM or Accenture executive wouldn't do/say such things in a staff meeting. Fascist/bigoted pitchai clearly is an enemy of the people of America.

First watch Scott's video. Fast forward to 6:05.

Then watch the whole shocking video.

google's ANTI-PEOPLE agenda exposed in leaked video

Never lose the opportunity to watch an ORIGINAL because ...

... that is the ONLY place you get nothing-but-the-TRUTH ...

... in today's fake-news world created by the crime-complicit DNC media.

The new leaked video, thanks to Breitbart, is neither anon nor opinion ... it was recorded at a google meeting! An ORIGINAL.

The overall message is: google is MANIPULATING YOU and the people of the world.

As if to confirm Scott Adams' prediction that Trump will be America's last HUMAN leader, google ceo pitchai says the company will use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to dupe the people of the world.

Of course, he says it with nicer words. (Yup, a NICE EXTERIOR is faked where there are no morals, values, ethics, and substance.)

Click to watch video.

Trump will be America's last HUMAN leader?

WhenHub founder and business cartoonist Scott Adams says "President Trump will be the last human leader the United States will ever have. After him, complex algorithms that humans created but no longer understand will determine our opinions, and those opinions will control politics."

Watch his explanation. ONLY Trump (and no other republican) could have beat crooked hillary given that social media is RIGGED in favor of the democratic party.
Scott Adams talks about our last human president, the PLO momentum, Florence, and coffee. — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) September 12, 2018

Anonymous author quotes an anonymous source about an anonymous policy

Update: Fiona Hill, who has SpyGate and Soros connections, is considered the most likely anon (by citizen investigative journalists). Question: Did this person (or whoever the real mole is) THINK she was smarter than the guy who has delivered an unprecedented level of good for America in just a year and half? Watch Scott Adams' answer.

That's the quality of New York Times and other dnc tabloids and networks.

Hundreds of "Get him!" attempts failed. THIS TIME, however, it has to be real? If real, I don't understand why someone would tip off POTUS that there's a "sleeper cell" in the WH. So, if it is real, the anon must be an EVIL IDIOT.

Anyway, the 48-hour rule is in effect right now. We'll know soon!

Oh, BTW: In what way is this anon different from Q anon?


Based on a pretty good amount of research, I came up with this concept that could be life-changing for many. Will provide some explanation as soon as I find time. Meanwhile, notice that VICTORIES are for OTHERS!

If you do not yet know what your life purpose is, discover it now. Don’t waste another second.

Now in the IDG Influencer Network, to which I've contributed a couple dozen articles on strategy translation, is part of IDG. IDG educates tech buyers in 147 countries. The IDG Influencer Network is a community of vetted experts who produce content on behalf of IDG's clients. Happy to be part of this network!

Interviewed by Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech Research Group interviewed me. They are a technology research and advisory company that serves over 30,000 tech professionals internationally. Their advice helps CIOs and IT leaders make strategic decisions.

The interview was about how "traditional" tech leaders could adapt to today's strategy-driven digital transformation initiatives.

The output of their research is titled "How to Assert IT’s Relevance During Digital Transformations. Don’t become the next VP of electricity."

Others interviewed for this research include:
Ken Piddington, CIO and Executive Advisor, MRE ConsultingValerie Shannon, Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation, RSA InsuranceAlan M. Capper, Partner, Global Head of Operations & Support, Mercer I have a pre-publication copy of the research, but unfortunately can't share it.

Shiva uses humor to differentiate himself from his opponent

Thanks to David Ogilvy and Al Ries. I can detect a talent for differentiation/positioning/persuasion.

I know about senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai's academic and technical accomplishments, but it was his "talent to differentiate" that caught my attention.

Scott Adams would call it a "talent to use humor to persuade." His interview of Shiva is really good ... lots of ideas on a variety of topics ... watch ...
Scott Adams talks to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (running against Elizabeth Warren) about immigration, education, and innov… — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) August 23, 2018

Flashback from Politico: obama campaign was fined for finance violations

Politico showed that obama "lost" nearly ONE THOUSAND AND THREE HUNDRED campaign contributions totaling nearly TWO MILLION DOLLARS. obama's 2008 campaign was fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for campaign finance law violations. More at POLITICO.

Cohen/Manafort news today ... mostly personal finance issues ... ZERO to do with the alleged collusion with Russia.

BTW, did your media tell you the following?
Cohen pleaded guilty to a non-crime. Who said it is not a crime? Former FEC chairman Smith. Or watch Alan Dershowitz.Cohen pleaded guilty to being the principal. It means he is the one who did it (making the payments).The plea deal says "a candidate for federal office" who ran in 2016. Who ran? Twenty two major candidates!The plea deal doesn't name Trump. Who named Trump? Clinton-guy and Cohen-lawyer Lanny Davis. This is where things are right now and we do not know where things will go from here, but please THINK and RESEARCH yourself! Don…

How to make yourself VALUABLE: if you're not best-in-the-world, build a talent stack

Scott Adams writes about two ways to make yourself valuable.

"The first way is to become the best at some specific skill, the way Tiger Woods dominated golf. But not many of us can be Tiger Woods. So that path is unavailable to 99% of the world.

I recommend a different approach. Most people can – with practice – develop a variety of skills that work well together. I call this idea the Talent Stack. For example, I’m a famous syndicated cartoonist who doesn’t have much artistic talent, and I’ve never taken a college-level writing class. But few people are good at both drawing and writing. When you add in my ordinary business skills, my strong work ethic, my risk tolerance, and my reasonably good sense of humor, I’m fairly unique. And in this case that uniqueness has commercial value."

Continue reading Scott's article. And/or read a clarification on Scott's idea provided by a man who combines professional boxing, a physics degree, and publishing – Ed Latimore!
When most…

DNC media tries to intimidate and doxx CITIZEN jurors

There's a lot of evidence in the public domain and more coming soon. Evidence of obama-era crimes. And evidence of dnc media complicity in those crimes (now in the coverup phase).

So, the dnc media is desperate. Their latest act of desperation is despicable. A coalition that included CNN asked the Manafort case judge to reveal the names/addresses of CITIZEN jurors.

Thankfully, the judge declined in order to protect the CITIZENS.

The dnc media is not just fake news media ... they're a threat to CITIZENS.

Comey gone, McCabe gone, Strzok gone, Page gone, Baker gone, Rybicki gone ... what's going on?

Smells like draining of the swamp -- something that candidate Trump promised.

Strzok, who promised to stop Trump from becoming POTUS and then paid for an "Insurance Policy," is the latest to be fired by FBI.

This is only the beginning.

When the prosecution phase starts, check back at the gallery I posted.

They accuse YOU of what THEY'RE guilty of. So, who colluded with Russia?

In India, when car A hits motorcycle B, it is the car driver who first yells "How dare you hit my car!" The motorcyclist has already lost the battle. He just looks on helplessly, even apologizes.

In America, the left uses this powerful Indian tactic.

Hypocrisy is terrible enough. But accusing others of what you're guilty of is a lot worse than hypocrisy. It's even bigger than projection (as in psychology) ... you need to add overt lying to projection.

Example: Hillary-DNC cabal claims the Trump team colluded with Russia when in fact it was the Hillary-DNC team that colluded with Russia. Read more.

Example: Democrats call conservatives racist when in fact it was the democrats who founded slavery, ku klux klan ...

Example: Democrats call conservatives fascists when in fact it is democrats who practice fascism ... healthcare controlled by gov, fin institutions controlled by gov ...

In some cases, the demon behind these examples is the political media. Millennials and th…

We were told conservatives are stupid

It's not just the Maxines of the democratic party that are stupid.

Nobelist Krugman has been frequently proven wrong.

Harvard University professor Lawrence Lessig drew up a chain of events leading to Hillary becoming president -- long after Trump had become president!

Well, if they do remove Trump (and ignoring the subsequent civil war), Pence would be the president. After Pence, it would be Ryan, Hatch, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Mattis, Sessions ... and it would all be automatic!

Leftists hide stupidity under fluff. Pompous words. Many possess sheets of shining paper called Degrees, but what about WISDOM?

Lack of wisdom means bad decisions. For example, the de-platforming of Alex Jones. The left thought it was sending a warning to conservatives, but all that the de-platforming of Jones did was reveal the HYPOCRISY of, and ABUSE OF POWER by, Silicon Valley oligarchs.

How did we come to think that conservatives were stupid? The left powerfully uses this tactic: Be the first to blame your op…

The DNC media is making people mentally ill

Trump Derangement Syndrome is now called Trump Anxiety Disorder by psychologists. Both labels are misleading. An American Thinker article gives it a more accurate label: "Media-Induced Mental Illness."

So the cause has been identified: the DNC media.

The consequences are complex and dangerous. It could start America's second civil war. The left's deranged and violent behaviors are recorded in increasing numbers. Here's the most recent. Warning: vulgar gestures/language typical of the left.

To be clear: ANTIFA, an all-white fascist organization, just grew violent and attacked an all-black and Hispanic police force.

Because I, a BLACK woman, was eating breakfast.

Is this the civil rights era all over again? — Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) August 6, 2018

Chinese and Pakistani spies in democrat teams, but media focused on Manafort's jacket

Don’t disturb the DNC media’s serious 24/7 coverage of Paul Manafort’s jacket.

DNC media is assigned to only one region: Russia. They're not supposed to cover Asia (unless ...).

They won't cover Pakistani spy Awan … a close aide of disgraced DNC head Wasserman.

They also won't cover the Chinese spy Lowe… a close aide of democrat senator Feinstein.

Just two recent examples. But you understand how the dnc media DECEIVES the public by EITHER not disclosing OR yawning at serious revelations. B/c these revelations are damaging to their DNC masters.

BTW: Spies and other bad actors mostly crop up in Silicon Valley. Blame it on democrats’ fake love for diversity (the real reason is votes … think illegal aliens, illegal voting, open borders, sanctuary cities, anti-ICE protests …).

Know where RACISM comes from? Look at the NYT editorial board.

That the leftist political media is deceitful is something that the world is increasingly realizing. But could you imagine the loving left to be racist? They're the ones who shout racist, racist, racist ... right?

Fact is, racism originated on the left and continues to thrive on the left. Most recent/prominent example: NYT handpicked an openly (and DISGUSTINGLY) racist woman for its editorial board.

This racist woman Jeung happens to be from Asia. (In parts of Asia, including India, some form of racism is practiced every moment.) White-hating Jeung has however appropriated everything that Whites created ... she has renamed herself Sarah (Israeli name often seen among Whites) ... she escaped to a country that was discovered, designed, and largely built by Whites (with a lot of help from blacks and others) ... everyday she uses things that Whites invented ... A typical invader/plunderer.

The DNC media hires people just like Jeung (how else can the America-hating political media be s…

Pedophilia and the left

We can find bad people on both sides, left and right. What matters is which side does most of the bad and is therefore a threat to society.

Validate the following two statements yourself on social media:

1. Pedophilia is mostly seen on the left. James Gunn is only the most recent example.

2. Pedophilia is almost entirely defended and normalized by the left.

“The next time you hear a Democrat claim to be an advocate for sex crime victims, women’s rights and children — educate them on how leftist policies (hypocritical behaviors, I would say) actually hurt these groups and are enabling pedophiles and rapists.” Article. More sources ...
Leftist New York Times normalizes pedophilia. Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a CrimeLeftist Hollywood defends pedophiles. Stars rally around liberal James Gunn after offensive tweets, unlike reaction to Trump-supporting Roseanne BarrSickos: Leftists seek to make pedophilia the next social justice frontWhy are so many leftists pedophiles? You choose: Stay asso…

Rogue NYT was more civil in 1984

NYT said nice things about Trump (read below). Trump hasn't changed. NYT has changed. To sewer grade.

Reason: NYT knows that Trump is the ONLY American patriot who ALSO has the Churchill-like courage that is required to:
Expose the crimes of DNC/DeepState and their mediaAnd (hopefully) stop further damage to America. Here are quotes from NYT's article THE EXPANDING EMPIRE OF DONALD TRUMP.

'DONALD! HEY, DONALD! DONALD!' THE men were yelling, eager to call him by name.

"The Trump touch. It has set some people in New York to outright Trump  worship; they call him 'a real-estate genius' who has helped lead the city out of the darkness of the mid-1970's into a new era of glamour and excitement."

"That Mr. Trump was able to obtain the location [for Trump Tower], when every real-estate developer in the world would have done just about anything to get it, is testimony to Donald Trump's persistence and to his skills as a  negotiator."


Great insights for Do-and-Persuade situations

Scott Adams describes how the White House is executing a brutally effective High Ground Persuasion Play. — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) July 20, 2018
Are you trying to DO something (meet an objective or overcome a challenge)? Are you trying to PERSUADE your audience about you, your approach, and the outcomes? Devising powerful strategies and communications is critical, particularly if you are in business, politics, foreign policy, or war.

However, as can be seen on the left, which lacks leadership, strategies, and messages that matter, this is not possible unless you free yourself from the dnc propaganda media, which has been making people mentally ill and continues to be a threat to America. (Social media is no different. Good news is PEOPLE are responding. Facebook's stock dropped 20% with a $120 billion loss in value and Twitter lost a million users and its shares plummeted 20%.)

Scott Adams analyzes recent actual events to present insights that would …

SpyGate: clapper throws obama under the bus

Watch the short clip. What Clapper (who is implicated in power abuse) says is important.

FISA abuse:
Obama's warrantless surveillanceUnmasking by his key apparatchiks Rice, Power, etc (I like the "rat" in apparatchiks!)Shared with the Clinton campaignFunneled via Fusion GPS into the Steele memosLeaked to DNC media slavesLegitimized and augmented via Brennan's CIAFISA warrants illegally obtained That's how the cabal framed and tried to destroy an innocent citizen: Citizen Trump, Candidate Trump, POTUS-elect Trump, and POTUS Trump. The greatest scandal in American history.

This FISA abuse will result in jail terms unless “save the FBI,” "too big to jail," immunity, or some other excuse is used to exonerate those involved.

In the interview, Clapper isn’t just referring to the FISA abuse. The scandal he’s referring to is much worse and leads directly to obama. #SpyGate

Edward Snowden warned us about spying and mass data collection in the obama era.


What did obama do about Russia?

1. Obama did NOTHING about Russia's invasion of Georgia (occurred under Bush).

2. Obama did NOTHING when Russia annexed Crimea.

3. Obama did NOTHING when Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine. Obama betrayed the Ukraine when he refused to provide them with defensive weapons.

4. Obama capitulated to Russia in Syria, remember red lines??

5. Obama betrayed Poland when he gave in to Russia by removing the US missile defense system.

6. Obama did NOTHING to prevent Russia from interfering in US elections (except tell Putin to cut it out).

The media focused on none of these things, right? That's how the slave media works. They cover up the corruption and incompetence of their leftist masters.

And they do a 24/7 smear campaign on their political opponents. Did you see Patient Wolfe on CNN (and Doctor Rand Paul diagnosing the disease as TDS)? The leftist hypocrites TALK (fake) as if they care, but they only care about their personal power and money.

Trump repeated what obama/hillary said, but without the spelling error

Leftist hypocrites are saying Trump should not have said nice things about dictator Putin at the Helsinki press conference.

But where was the outrage when hillary met Lavrov to present a Red button with the Russian word “peregruzka” on it? She told him, "We want to RESET our relationship, and so we will do it together."

Lavrov pointed out that she got it wrong. The correct Russian word for reset is “perezagruzka."

Of course, hillary & bill only reset or built relations if they thought they could milk money. Sure enough,  the money started rolling in, as laundered through the Clinton Foundation. For example, some $140M likely associated with Uranium One that is still under investigation. Also, Bill Browder, an America-born financier with a massive Russian portfolio, is supposed to have donated $400 million to the hillary campaign.

Hypocritical leftist con artists.

Simple technique to avoid media manipulation

Referring to his book Fooled by Randomness, Taleb says ...
We react to 1st order. We are manipulated into seeing events separated from statistical context. To avoid such manipulation: Every time I hear Trump did something cruel (e.g. children) I check if NonTrump did the same (Obama did).

Germany's Russia collusion exposed!

Loving this! All sorts of CROOKED people worldwide are being exposed ... with BRUTAL TRUTH ...

Click link you'll see if the video doesn't play.

Strzok: The Creepy Face of the Deep State

PURE EVIL. Destroying justice in America. A corner of the Twitter world has a lot of details about the criminal acts of FBI guy Peter Strzok. During his testimony, the democrats in Congress were with him. One of them, Steve Cohen, even wanted to honor him with a Purple Heart (Cohen tried to walk back after criticism).

The following is claimed to be genuine video, but I do not know.

Leftist weightlifter attacks kid

The American left's behaviors are 3rd world grade. There's a lot of leftist violence happening every day in the US. The deceitful leftist media does not cover any of these violent acts. Because, as slaves and partners in democratic party crimes, they're the ones inciting violence 24/7.

Are you a good immigrant or a bad immigrant?

People use the EXCUSE that America is a "nation of immigrants" (a) without knowing the difference between the settlers and the immigrants who the settlers welcomed and (b) without bothering what their migration does to the host country.

I can speak a lot on this (from making generalizations right down to naming misfit individuals and their negative impact on America), but I will instead allow a better informed Nassim Nicholas Taleb to speak . . . Controlled immigration is based on the symmetry that someone brings in at least as much as he/she gets out.The ethics of the immigrant is to defend the system as payback, not mess it up.Uncontrolled immigration has all the attributes of invasions.Immigration requires sacrifice and skin in the game.A country should not tolerate fair-weather friends.Saw the nightmare of uncontrolled immigration of Palestinians (into Lebanon) which caused the civil war ... Seeing the effect of Syrian migration on the place. So I despise these virtue-sig…

Leftist men attack women

Violent leftist men have been attacking women. A few among the prominent victims:
Pam BondiBetsy DeVosKirstjen NielsenSarah SandersElaine Chao Brave Transportation Sec. Elaine Chao walks right up to anti-ICE protestors, orders them to leave husband Sen. Mitch McConnell alone. — Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) June 26, 2018 Don't trust when leftists claim they're defending something. While claiming to defend women's rights and equality, they attack women (they even found/lead women's organizations as a cover). They use nice words such as "don't separate kids from their parents." But, they're the ones who do it. Many have dysfunctional families, abuse women (the rapists in leftist Hollywood and leftist media outlets were recently exposed), abuse kids, and kill babies in the 100s of 1000s every year. They're totally unqualified to preach morals and ethics.
The good democrats are ashamed and they're doing a #WalkAway from thi…

Leftists commit sedition, call for attacks on American people

Civil war in the horizon? Many leftists including Twitter Jack have suggested civil war. This is the primary reason why the left wants to take guns away from conservatives. Hitler did exactly this – he took guns away from the people so he could murder them unopposed.

So far, conservatives have been unresponsive to all the leftist violence and incivility. Not sure how long this patience will last.

The leftist thugs almost got Scalise killed, but here are just a couple of examples from the most recent past.
Maxine Waters
Watch video. Here's what the democrat "leader" said: "If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere."
Peter Fonda
Leftist Hollywood is of course silent. Leftist Twitter, which banned Roger Stone for calling out fake-news CNN, allows Fonda to spread hate and to incite violence. C…

Kids arrived at the border with strangers, not parents

As DHS Sec Nielsen pointed out, 10,000 of the 12,000 kids being held at the Southern border arrived with strangers, not their parents. This isn't about immigration, it's about child-trafficking.

The current fake outrage by the democrats, whose family values the world knows, are meant to DISTRACT from the corruption of the darkLeft.
BTW: where was the fake outrage during the Obama era? BTW: Doesn't cryin' Laura Bush know her husband signed it?

DNC media BRIBES to get leaks

DNC media is complicit in crimes.

On page XII of the recently released IG report, the IG expresses “profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel." He reveals that his DOJ “identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media.”

FBI agents have been “improperly receiving benefits from reporters, including tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks and meals, and admittance to nonpublic social events.”

The IG implies that such benefits could have encouraged FBI agents to leak information to the media.

Then there is the “harm caused by leaks, fear of potential leaks, and a culture of unauthorized media contacts ... these issues influenced FBI officials who were advising Comey on consequential investigative decisions in October 2016.”
The leftist media is corrupt and deceitful. People need to run from this enemy.One reporter had contact with 12 FBI off…

IG does say there was political bias. Ignore the media, read the report.

Read the body of the IG report (not the summary and recommendations, which do not reflect the body). Here's where the IG mentions political bias by FBI.
An investigative report on the actions of FBI/DOJ by an internal "HR department" cannot be clearer than this. And yet ...

... the leftist media deliberately ran with this part of the paragraph: "did not find documentary or testimonial evidence" !

They just DECEIVED 7 billion PEOPLE.

Here's the report.

EARLIER: "Trump's starting a NuKe war." NOW: "Trump's legitimizing NoKo." SO: People react.

Those duped by the leftist media keep nodding every time, regardless of what hypocritical content is presented.

But not all duped are dumb.

Those with common sense are seeing the media as deceitful and complicit with the leftist crime cabal. So they're quietly (or loudly) moving to where they see leadership and real positive change.

The "loud" movers include ...
Dennis Rodman

Candace Owens

Kanye West

CNN's Maneuver RAJU is an indictment reporter

As I've been saying, things have started to happen. We've just seen the first arrest of a criminal from the clinton/obama/media cabal.

One of the several ongoing investigations is about those who leaked classified information. James Wolfe, former security director for Senate Intelligence Committee, has been arrested. CNN's Manu Raju has been named one of the four "Indictment Reporters."

People like Manu Raju, Huma Abedin, Imran Awan, and Preet Bharara (considered a thug by some and a brown-noser by others) are cultural misfits in America.

Generally, misfits do not love America. They're there to grab money, to have a comfortable life away from the country they escaped from, and to "invade" rather than integrate. Not good for America.