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Another one bites the dust for sex predation: a leftist NPR "journalist"

You need a 24/7 TV or Hall-of-Shame yearbook or something to record the vice of leftist media folk.

It's not just content aimed at manipulating people's minds about WHAT to think and HOW to think. It's also about rampant sex predation.

The latest to fall is Tom Ashbrook of leftist media outlet NPR. Read here.
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Parade of leftist sex predators and criminals getting longer

Just today alone ...

1. Ninth Circuit leftist judge Alex Kozinski, who struck down Trump's travel ban, is caught in sex scandal. Read the Washington Post report.

2. The Treasury Department paid $220,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by a former congressional staffer alleging sexual harassment by democrat Rep Alcee Hastings.

3. Former Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown sentenced to 5 years in prison for mail, wire, & tax fraud involving FAKE charity for children in poverty.

4. Of course, the day started with top chef Mario Batalio, who is a democrat donor.

A typical day for the leftists!

Virtue-signaling Ryan Lizza is the immoral one: CNN & New Yorker just fired him

Ryan constantly called Trump a sex predator. So, the guy who attacked Trump for bad WORDS was DOING bad to women.

You also remember that Ryan helped get Anthony Scaramucci fired after publishing a profane tirade.

Ryan is a typical self-righteous, virtue-signaling leftist.

I must be an idiot if I trusted anything that the leftists SAY. I must watch what they DO.

Democrat sex predators falling: on average one a day?

Today, it is top chef Mario Batali. Read here.

He's been donating to democrat candidates. Read here.

And ... Megyn Kelly, who was the first among many to fall after attacking Trump, is interviewing 3 women who accused Trump during the 2016 election campaign. Just one small problem. CBS News tweeted that the accusations are against the misconduct of the "president." Was CBS News thinking of Bill?

Washington Post apologizes for fake pics that made some duped people happy for a while

Here you see empty galleries 2 hours before Trump arrived Here you see the real crowds
Dave Weigel covers politics for Washington Post. He apologized after his ROGUERY was exposed.

Democrat hypocrisy: 2 recent examples

Example 1 Democrats are screaming about GOP passing the 500 page tax bill sometime between 1AM and 2AM.

Have they forgotten about the 20,000 page healthcare scam they passed in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve?

Have they forgotten how they dragged Sen Byrd in on a stretcher through a snow storm to vote?
Example 2 Democrat senator Dick Durbin is complaining about handwritten changes GOP made to the tax bill.

Has Durbin forgotten that he authored a handwritten amendment to Dodd-Frank? Here it is ...

How sad that tens of millions vote for this party.

AP's fake news undercut by CNN, of all

As Roy Moore's accuser suddenly appeared without evidence and just before his possible election, I do not know whether anyone campaigning for him is doing the right thing. So, this is not a story of  interest to me at this time. But the point is how the legacy media industrial complex lies.

AP lied that Steve Bannon withdrew his support for Moore. Interestingly, CNN was saying the exact opposite, AP retracted its story. Even while retracting, AP tries to mislead by making it look like they're changing the story because Bannon changed his story!

Leftist ABC News uses fake news to destroy people's savings, 401Ks, pension funds, charities, etc

Leftist media ABC News' Joy Behar reads out fake news and celebrates. And a bunch of duped leftists in her show cheer ... Watch video.

Rogue "chief investigative reporter" Brian Ross deliberately changed "President-Elect Trump" to "Candidate Trump."

The Dow plunged 350 points.

Leftstream media outlets make up and distribute fake news all the time. Unfortunately, the duped audience wants to stay duped.

Not just legacy media: Tech giants like YouTube too facing backlash

The backlash is on at least two areas:

1. Commercial ads on YouTube appear next to child sex ads ... Read TheWallStreetJournal article. Tim Pool: You'll have to convince me that Youtube never saw one of these child exploitation videos as they sat in the top 100 but were still able to find smaller political channels to demonetize.

2. Google, Facebook, etc seem to collude with the left to dupe people by using algorithms that place certain political/ideological topics at the top ... Read Breitbart article.

There are also claims of responses from rightwing folks; if you type "CNN is" in Google you will see the suggestion "CNN is fake news." If this claim is true, I do not know how you could type "abortion is" but see both "abortion is safe" and "abortion is a sin."

Regardless, if there is institutional manipulation comparable to Hitler's nazism, people respond.

Added Dec 3: FCC’ Ajit Pai: "When It Comes to an Open Internet, Tw…

America has unprecedented things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving

Stock markets have never been this highSix trillion dollars added to economy since Nov 2016Consumer sentiment highest in about 17 yearsLowest unemployment rate in about 17 years (unemployed are those who want jobs, but cannot find)Lowest jobless claims in about 44 years1.5 million fewer people on food stampsThe biggest of them all: America dodged a bullet on Jan 20 – a woman who's been a disgrace to America, a woman the world considers an international criminal.

A few investigators are rising, while the corrupt leftist media is dying

Democrat politician Maxine Waters (aka madmax) told women: John Conyers “has impeccable integrity on our issues.” Soon, multiple women accused the democrat politician Conyers of sexual harassment.

Who investigated and revealed the truth? Mike Cernovich. While he frequently investigates and reveals the truth (the Susan Rice unmasking scandal is another example), leftists have smear-campaigned against him and labeled him a bad guy — because they fear him.

Conyers’ scandal comes close on the heels of scandal by another democrat politician Al Franken, who has been caught on camera groping a woman.

The leftist media does not cover the Conyers story with the same intensity as they cover the Republican Roy Moore allegations. John Conyers has been sued multiple times, and yet there is no call for him to resign. On the contrary, Roy Moore was never sued for harassment, but is being told to drop out of the race to the Senate.

Another bold new person who investigates and reports is James O'K…

Do you know why Newsweek compares Trump's language with Manson's?

The leftist media tried comparing Trump with Hitler – and failed. So, they just came up with another murderer Charles Manson.

But why did the Hitler comparison fail? Because a few bold folks have recently revealed – through history research – the democratic party's roots in Hitler's nazism. (This is a big topic and needs a book!)

Will the Manson comparison hold for a while? We'll see.

So, the “well-respected journalist” Charlie Rose is also a leftist sex predator

I used to watch Charlie's shows and I recently started noticing he was just another biased leftist “journalist.” He was merely bringing to his show people who would spew hatred and venom against conservatives to divide the greatest nation on the planet.

But like most leftist elites, he has a decent exterior. So, the report about his multiple sexual harassment cases by another leftist media Washington Post was a shock even to me. Read here.

Bloomberg TV where I watched him has immediately pulled his shows, but they continue to show country-dividing headlines on their right margin – content that is totally irrelevant to the business TV it is supposed to be. Just watch those headlines for a few minutes and you'll know what I mean.

“When I have drinks with someone on the left, nobody on the right bothers me." Who said this?

“When I have drinks w/ someone on the left, nobody on the right bothers me. When I have drinks w/ someone on the right, the left goes wild.”

Ok, now that I have your attention . . .

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a genius on probability (philosophy), probability (mathematics), probability (logic), and probability (real life). Taleb predicted the 2008 financial crash. Taleb is among the world’s biggest real intellects (I say “real” because there are many pretenders).

I learned a ton from Taleb's big book Antifragile. The book is interestingly described by another reader Tamitake Itoh‏: “I read Antifragile by Taleb 4 times. First time, I read it as a text book to get wisdom to survive. Second time, as a memorial statement for Fat Tony. Third time, as Das Kapital of Marx with correct mathematics. Fourth time, as ethics to know the good way to die.”

Taleb’s motto: "If you see fraud and don't shout fraud, you are a fraud.”

You can't even trust their videos

In my previous post, I suggested that we look at videos, rather than media "interpretations," to know the truth. Seems we need to raise the bar: let's watch the original video and all of it.

Here's why ... The Hill published this yesterday: Media shows why it’s so mistrusted after falsified Trump fish-feeding ‘story’.

The left preaches love and tolerance, but is exactly the opposite: hate-filled.

Well, that doesn't say everything; the left is tolerant; they simply reserve their tolerance to those who agree with them.

If you want them to show the world your original/full video, you must agree with them in action -- and thought :(

Illegal migration: India's hypocrisy and US leftist media's deceit

According to Pew Research Center, of the 11 million ILLEGALS in the US, about 1/2 million are Indians. Between 2009 and 2014, India was the source of the fastest-growing number of ILLEGALS into the US.

India does little to stop Indians from ILLEGALLY entering other countries, but does not want ILLEGALS to enter India. (Indians do not even want other Indians moving into their states!)

Read article in Times of India.

I capitalized the word ILLEGAL for a reason. Whereas the US government is against ILLEGAL entry/stay, America's leftist media has duped its audience into thinking the government is generally against immigration. Suggestion: watch original videos of government officials (instead of media "interpretation"), you can clearly see they're encouraging merit-based, legal immigration.

By the way, those who are already duped by the leftist media, can’t see the distinction between ILLEGALS and immigrants; if I’m ILLEGAL, I’m not an immigrant.

The user interface is not always about "experience"

The same strategic objectives driving "higher" level steps in strategy translation must drive all steps right until the end. The steps include the task of designing the user interface (UI) architecture.

If we're translating corporate strategy, it's important to know a UI factor that most practitioners don't seem to have mastered. This factor is about taking a process view and designing for productivity.

Read the CIO article.

When the US is simplifying tax, India is complicating it: Chetan Bhagat's thoughts

Since the Indian government is willing to improve its recent Goods-and-Services-Tax (GST), Chetan Bhagat shares his thoughts:

1. Rates are too many
2. Rates are too high
3. Luxury should not be taxed more
4. Returns process is too complex
5. GST is based on the belief that Indian business folks are thieves.

The result: businesses and entrepreneurs are suffocating.

Read the article.

NY Times senior editor admits (1) Leftist bias to influence election and (2) Sensationalism to make money

Here are the key points taken from what New York Times' Senior Editor Desiree Shoe said – caught on hidden camera by Project Veritas.
Leftist bias to influence election NYT ... We tried to influence the election by portraying candidate Trump in biased light (as a crazy person with crazy policies), hoping that people wouldn’t vote for him

NYT … We cannot be objective ... we're widely known to be liberal/left-leaning
Sensationalism to make money NYT … We focused whole pages about Trump (during election) … We feel 90% of stuff was Trump … it’s too much

NYT ... We did that partly because leftists consider stuff about him as sensational … We provide readers what they WANT (so, anyone with half a brain can imagine that democrats/liberals/leftists want fake news; that's how intellectual they are)

NYT (and WaPo) … The main objective is to grab subscribers. You do that any way that you can.

NYT … Click-chasers, that’s what we are … it’s so ignoble

NYT … The last couple of years it’s…

Brits know fascism is a leftist ideology: reason why they called Hillary a fascist

Contrary to how some dictionaries define it and how the leftist American media presents it, fascism has always been a left-wing ideology and practice. More on this later, but here's what happened at Swansea University. Students here know who a fascist is.

I said I'll get back to you about fascism. In the meantime, here's a good book on the topic: Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg.

What would you do: when the leftist Hollywood tries to teach moral lessons?

Dozens of women are exposing Harvey Weinstein's sex scandal. But they're not the only "victims" because there are many more "Harveys" in leftist Hollywood.

Wait. Why didn't these women complain for decades?

More important question. Why wasn't there a Women's March in Washington DC?

Is it because this is the culture of the Leftists / Liberals?

The Clintons and the Obamas are closely connected to Harvey, but tried ignoring the scandal (exactly what leftist media outlets such as NYT earlier and NBC now did, too). They took his money and now hesitate to return it or to give it away.

Here's the thing: The leftists in Hollywood and in the entertainment industry lecture on how their values are superior: remember the recent Golden Globes or the Emmys? But these hypocrites-with-fake-nice-exteriors do the lecturing in order to cover up their own nasty behaviors.

The next time you hear a leftist Hollywood "lecturer" using the race card or fem…

NY Times "Best Seller List" is FAKE, too

According to Nielsen BookScan numbers, a book sold more than 12,000 in a week. In fact, it SOLD MORE COPIES than any other book on the New York Times best sellers list. And yet, NYT ranked the book at No. 7.

Reason: the book was not written by a leftist.

If anything is biased, it is fake. It belongs in the dumpster.

So, the publisher Regnery (founded 1947) cut ties to NY Times' FAKE Best Seller list.

The rogue newspaper NYT responds, "The paper keeps its formula for ranking books a secret." Wow! In other words, their list is rigged.

You may not want to make book-buying decisions based on the NYT fake list. The NYT list is not a list of the books that are selling the most, but a list that NYT thinks should be selling the most.

Before you watch another news report, watch this whistleblower

If the leftist media was biased back in 2001, it is an outright mafia today Bernard Goldberg, a 28-year-veteran at leftist media outlet CBS, has exposed the "pettiness, hypocrisy, and bias inside CBS ... Just turn on your TV set and it’s there … but it’s there too often in too many stories."

Shockingly, you see not only political bias, but social bias as well.

In both political and social topics, the leftist media puts out content that dupes both loyalists and new-comers. Why are they so biased: self-serving purposes such as ratings and manipulation for votes.

Goldberg exposes the leftist media.
Manipulation Leftist media constantly attempts to manipulate people's mind with the following tricks.

1. They lie. Or misinform.

2. They hide certain things, as though these things did not exist or did not matter.

3. They won’t let the other voices be heard. More recently, author Sharyl Attkisson was not allowed to freely air segments that exposed Obama scandals such as Operation…


Folks who created DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION at their world-leading companies are sharing their experience at an online conference. For example, Jim Smith, VP Digital Transformation, Saint-Gobain will be talking about  “How to get 200,000 staff to embrace digital culture.” The event is on April 5, 2017. More info and tickets.

Corrupt media: lessons for better behavior

During the US election cycle, so-called "liberal" media outlets have been misleading the people of America and the world. They focused our attention on Trump's bad WORDS instead of on Clinton's bad ACTIONS. Even their polls and predictions were totally wrong.

Post-election, they continue to fuel division, violence, and racism.

US election reporting in India too has been hate-filled (Chidanand, for example).

In the midst of all this is a fresh, objective voice. Chetan Bhagat is not only an intellectual, but a rare truth-speaker. Here are 5 things he tells the elitist media:

You are not as smart as you thinkPeople are the keyUnfair criticism always backfiresDo not impose your views on othersGet out of the bubble.
Here's his original article.

Change as strategy

In business, "more of the same" is almost always required. We need to sell more of our products and services. Then there comes a time when change is needed. We need to change our products and services and even our business model. Interestingly, the rate at which we need to change seems to be always increasing. So today we devise transient strategies that anticipate and execute change.

Like businesses, governments too need to occasionally change. According to a recent CBS News poll, 55 percent of American voters want “big changes,” while 43 percent want “some changes.” That is, 98% percent of voters want change. Reason? According to Rasmussen Reports, 70% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. If so, it appears that in the November elections, only a change strategy will work.

“Something is happening, and I need you to help me”

Helen Marriage works with artists to create extraordinary events that bring huge audiences together. For one of her projects, she needed the help of the planning manager of the London buses. She faced resistance.

The planning manager eventually agreed and actually became the project’s biggest champion.

Helen’s secret to make change happen: engage people in a task rather than seek permission.

Source: April 11-24, 2016, Bloomberg

Blue Ocean Strategy driving Trump wins?

In the US 2016 primaries, GOP’s “splitter” strategy was crafted to make Jeb Bush win the Republican nomination without winning the base. The reality is, not every strategy works — especially when it meets a better one.

You could blame Jeb Bush or his back-up Marco Rubio for poor performance. But look at the front-runner Donald Trump’s three policies: (1) End of political correctness (I strongly support this policy) (2) Large changes to immigration (3) Redoing trade deals so they’re not lopsidedly in favor of the other country. “The more vocally on the wrong side of these three issues a candidate was, the faster they dropped,” observes Sean Malstrom.

The media, the so-called experts, the politicians/establishment, the anti-Trump colluders, the politically-correct, and those who want to appear civil: All have been proved wrong — again and again and again. All conventional forms of analysis was wrong. The reason is, according to Malstrom: “you cannot analyze non-voters. But non-voters ar…

A master acquirer's many strategies

Italian billionaire Stefano Pessina has been working a broad strategy: Convinced that the drug-distribution business was destined to consolidate, Pessina keeps swallowing increasingly bigger companies. The result — at least one of the most recent — the merger of US-based Walgreens and Switzerland-based Alliance Boots into WBA. These two are significantly different companies, but here's Pessina's strategy for US retail: Infuse the Sephora-like stylishness of Boots into the efficiency and convenience of Walgreens stores.

Pessina is not done yet. He's eyeing CVS Health, but faces a giant challenge. While Walgreens pushes consumer products, CVS Health has positioned itself powerfully around health. Two opposing strategies! If Pessina can combine the two companies, it would be very interesting to see what his strategy would be.

Source: Fortune February 1, 2016

America views learning differently

Former CEO of multibillion-dollar companies Willie Pietersen recalls the time when he became an American citizen and attended the event where his two US-educated children were awarded degrees. He says,

"Where I was raised in South Africa and also where I studied in the UK, these events are simply called “graduation.” The attendant idea is that this is the end of something. However, I was struck by the fact that in the US, this ceremony is called “commencement,” meaning the beginning (or at least the continuation) of something. I love this concept. It exactly captures the essence of learning as a lifelong journey."
Learning indeed should be a life-long journey. Make it cross-disciplinary learning and the advantages can be big. A personal illustration ... I enjoyed learning Physics between 1981 and 84. However, without the skills I learned from Intel's Stan Uffner in 1987, I could not have set up TCS' tech writing practice. Without the insights I learned at UC Berkeley…