Almost everything the media told you about Trump is fake news

LIE after SMEAR after HOAX after CONSPIRACY THEORY ... shuffle

Try to get your info from original and full videos ... from original and entire documents ... from patriot citizen journalists.

Media may think it's immune, but US criminal code prescribes severe punishment for ADVOCATING OVERTHROW OF GOV

Coup 3.0: Schiff DOSSIER

This follows Steele DOSSIER and Weismann DOSSIER.

Will people's friend, THE MEDIA, help the people of the world see Obama's and Biden's Iran/Ukraine/China call transcripts ?

NY Times' public deception plan exposed: shifting from Collusion HOAX to Racism HOAX

Collusion hoax "We set ourselves up to cover that story ... We won two Pulitzer Prizes covering that story."
But Mueller couldn't help do the coup, so ... "I think that we’ve got to change."
Racism hoax plan "I mean, the vision for coverage for the next two years ... The reason you have a diverse newsroom (anti-White racists such as "Sarah" Jeong), to be frank, is so that you can have people pull together to TRY to tell that story."
How does the media get away with deception? "because people (half of the country) really can’t tell the difference between op-eds and news anymore"
NYT is ripping the country apart Must-watch video. Start at 22:40.

SourcesTranscript at Slate:

Highlights at Breitbart:

Bill Gates' genius idea: works whether the assumption about "climate change" is right or wrong!

Fast forward to 10:35. Great stuff to learn.
Scott Adams talks about Saudi Arabia, Bill Gates solving climate change, and coffee. — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) October 18, 2018