Leftwing fake news ABC to be investigated for covering up crimes against children

BREAKING: Congress to investigate @ABC News... via— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) November 18, 2019

Congratulations, Joe... you are grandpa, again!

News about the morally depraved leftwing. A DNA test revealed Hunter Biden is the father of a child in Arkansas after he denied paternity. Read.

No, call me Colonel Henry ... I was offered Defense Minster post by a FOREIGN gov

Suddenly the leftwing loves the military ! But ...

1. Colonel Windman is a leaker

2. Exaggerated his resume and lied that he advises POTUS

3. Was offered Defense Minister position 3 times by a corrupt FOREIGN gov. What would be the Ukrainian gov's perception of his character that they offer him this?

4. Smug... Asked a Republican to call him Colonel, but didn't bother when a democrat addressed him Mr Windman

5. Didn't request that the word "demand" be in the call transcript, but used the word today (to fool the fooled)

6. Bypassed his boss Morrison, thus violating the chain of command (military people don't do such a thing)

7. Drama queen ... "brave" military guy wants protection from Twitter attacks.

My military contacts suggest he could be in trouble under UCMJ.

Today’s Democrat Party is a joke that would vanish if not for relentless public deception by media

I hired Trump to fire YovanoWitch

Hearsay witness YovanoWitch is disgruntled because Trump fired her. She whined about her perceived HR issues – and did it at the wrong forum.

Dictator Schiff's Coup 3 is based on testimonies by career diplocrats pissed off that anyone dared rock their boat.

These diplocrats pretend to not know that all US ambassadors must align their work to the foreign policies of the President of the United States (contrary to what democrat Daniel Clownman said). And these diplocrats have no idea that in the business world, you are evaluated on performance.

Wasn't there a single thing in the hearing that matters to the people of America, you ask. Well, there was one: She admitted that she knew about Ukraine meddling in the 2016 US election -- and that she did nothing about it.

Trump is keeping his pre-election promise to fire those who are corrupt and those who remain unaligned with the America-First policy. America hired Trump to do this.

They moved from Collusion to Obstruction to Quid pro quo to Extortion to Bribery to Obstruction again ... Can they name a real crime and stick to it -- for a while?

What you're seeing is corruption not often seen anymore even in the 3rd world.

Do you see how ONE WRONG person PUT in the WH in 2008 turned America into a 3rd-world-like corrupt country?