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Bank of America: What Change-making looks like while in progress

Courtesy: businessinsider

When Brian Moynihan stepped in as CEO, BofA was one of the most despised companies, reeling from the financial crisis with huge mortgage losses.

The new CEO, as per Fortune July 25, 2011, was seen as a "charisma-challenged" and "rough-around-the-edges" personality with a "just-the-facts demeanor" ... Also, he won't win any awards for public speaking ... or do any PR ...

Does that sound like a "good fit" for the biggest turnaround operation in the history of financial services?

Look at his strengths ... hard-core banking brainiac ... dealmaker ... team builder ... crisis manager ... totally immersed in the data and the details.

Moynihan recently announced a settlement that takes a giant step toward ending the home loan mess. This not only removes doubts about BofA's future, but might even turn out to be a model for the rest of the industry.

Moynihan wants to run the bank the way banks were run before the industry…

Steve, we owe you more than what we paid for your products

Thank you, Steve, for giving us all something — one thing or another.

Products that are "lick-worthy," to use a Tom Peters phrase, which itself is inspired from your own definition for great design.

Sorry I never owned one of your products (hope I will soon) ... But, I have drawn inspiration from your accomplishmentsand also shared them ...
In my Change Leadership seminar ...

In my Innovation seminar ...

In my blog ... We owe you more than the price we paid for your products. We owe you for being an inspiration ... to innovators ... change leaders ... business leaders ... all over the world.

Academia curious about Business Technology (BT)

Over 100 IT and Computer Science students attended my short seminar The IT-to-BT Move: What Students Should Know. This was held on August 19, 2011 at Saveetha School of Engineering in Chennai, India. Last year, I delivered a similar seminar to some 600 engineering students at another college. It is great to see academia not only willing to embrace the new knowledge, but actually ready to lead the change to business technology (BT) !

With BT, car-maker's software spin-off can be just as innovative as the parent

The parent car-maker has many world-leading innovations. But, can its software spin-off be just as innovative?

About 30 folks at the software firm including developers, testers, business analysts, and project managers attended my seminar "Innovation & Business Technology" on August 9, 2011.

Through personal cases, I showed them how they too can be innovative. More importantly, I also showed them how they could use the exclusive innovate/integrate step in BT practice to put an end to the terrible common practice of paving the cowpath and instead substantially improve their parent's business.