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Jargon monoxide by vendors and "experts"

I agree with Stanford professor Bob Sutton. He's heard 75 definitions of "agile" from 75 folks.

I was recently wondering why 75 different vendors and so-called experts were providing 75 different meanings for the term "strategy."

Another abused term is "UX" ("design thinking" is a competing term and is fighting to survive). Don Norman was THE best in human-centric design back when he published the classic "The Design of Everyday Things." Sadly, he now uses the term UX and says the term includes "everything" (like a pizza with everything on it).

In politics, labels (or name-calling) can be entertaining, directionally accurate, and very effective. The label "Avenatti" is currently defined as "a creepy porn lawyer." Avenatti defined himself as a champion of women. That lie didn't stick: He's been profiting by exploiting a woman who works at a strip club. (Typical hypocrite. Sadly, this is the kind…