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How to stop IT from going under: McKinsey's suggestion versus mine

Business and IT executives continue to worry. Based on McKinsey's 2015 survey, their article "Why CIOs should be business-strategy partners" reports that executives’ current perceptions of IT performance are decidedly negative. A few reasons:

“widespread concerns over IT effectiveness" beyond providing basic services and managing infrastructure“fading confidence in IT’s ability to support key business activities, such as driving growth.”“little awareness of or agreement on how IT can meaningfully shape a business’s future.”
Note that these are the same "findings" that organizations have complained about for years and years and years.

The McKinsey suggestions
Here are two (of three) suggestions provided in the article:

1. Reimagine CIO role so they help shape business strategy. Some ways to enable the change include "getting the CIO to report to the CEO, establishing clear partnerships between IT and corporate-strategy functions, and holding both busine…