Media fooled half of America using false "Schiff Memo," confirms IG report

Remember the Schiff Memo? Proven false.

Remember the Nunes/GOP report?
Proven accurate.

Abusive Activities by Comey and His FBI Team

In his conclusion, Horowitz contradicts his own damning details of wrongdoings

His investigation and his report's body appear honest, thorough, and accurate. But his report's conclusion gives a free pass to the wrongdoers.

Why does he do this?

He will be asked in tomorrow's testimony.

Will America be made great again? ... We'll know in just minutes

Today's IG report, in part, will determine whether or not the Obama-corrupted America will return to its former beacon-to-the-world status.

If this report and Durham's grand juries don't serve justice to the criminals, this is the end of America as we knew it.

Make America Great Again is considered by many persuasion experts as the best presidential campaign slogan ever. The rogue leftwing media though framed it as make America white again and the moron class bought it. To me, the slogan was primarily about getting rid of corruption that became culture during Obama's tyranny.

How to Read the Horowitz Report: 4 Tips

1. Totally ban leftwing media. Some of them were crime-complicit. All of them did crime-coverup. It would be brainless to watch them and let them fool you again. Read the report yourself.

2. If Horowitz, who is an Obama-appointed person, wrote the report to give the criminals a free pass (unlikely IMO), you'll find crimes in the body of the report, BUT no corresponding, serious Conclusions/Recommendations. Which means you have to read the body to get the truth.

3. Know the scope. Horowitz is only a HR kind of investigator. He could only look at DOJ/FBI rules violations (could not subpoena suspects, could not prosecute, etc). He could not investigate criminals outside DOJ/FBI. But SpyGate crimes are much broader, involving other countries and very complex.

4. So, note down your questions that are not answered in the report. If declassified documents are released as hoped, they may provide the answers. If this doesn't happen, your last hope to know the truth is the Durham Report.

This is a democrat-ruled place in America, not a 3rd-world country

Welcome to Newsom’s California This is near a Target in Sepulveda Blvd -Van Nuys,CA ..So filthy I doubt if the rats would live there — Ruthann (@TeaBoots) December 8, 2019

Leftwing child abuse masked by nice-sounding words such as "diversity"


Laugh with Watters

“The economy is posting BLOWOUT numbers, ISIS is dead and America’s at peace. You’d think liberals would be happy. But they’re freaking out because impeachment isn’t working. “ — Watters' World (@WattersWorld) December 8, 2019

Obama-endorsed soyboy puts 71,200 Canadians out of job

Two-faced leftwing Justin Trudeau delivered 71,200 job losses. Canada's population is about a tenth of the US, so 10X that number is around 700,000, which is colossal failure.

Unemployment nearly double that of Trump's US.

At the London NATO meet, where the loser mocked Trump, the POTUS saved and secured billions of dollars in favor of America.

Leftwing -- whether in Canada or America -- is led by fake-nice-exterior "elites" who use extreme nice-sounding ideologies to mislead people for the purpose of enslaving those people, while enriching themselves.

The fascist leftwing ATTACKS TRUTH, again

The home and office of lawyer-professor Jonathan Turley was "inundated with threatening messages" after he testified at a shampeachment hearing.

This is one way the fascist leftwing suppresses truth and suppresses free speech.

These kinds of attacks happen every day somewhere in the US. The attackers are substantial and typical of the leftwing. Less common in the 3rd world.

Democrat congresswoman's husband took $700,000 from sleazy Ukrainian firms. Under investigation.


26% democrats and 31% blacks NOW approve Trump. And you'll Impeach him without reason and without consequences?

Impeachment inquiry: Hoax

Peace: Real peace, not Nobel Peace

Prosperity: 266,000 jobs added recently ... 50yr-low unemployment (pelos/schumer/biden never seen such numbers in their entire self-enriching careers) ... Wages up 3.1% over last year ... Stock market way up (watch Jim Cramer, he's authentic and honest) ... We still haven't seen a number for inflation.

Approval by American people: 52%

Approval by Republican party: 95%

Impeach and remove pelos/schiff/nadler for their 3rd-world-like coup attempt.

Schiff is continuing from where Benito Obama left off

Fascist leftwing led by Schiff is doing things you wouldn't see today even in the 3rd world. "Obtaining phone logs of political rivals is a stunning abuse of congressional power." Read at Wall Street Journal.

Watch: RAGE versus CALM

The Hysteria of a partisan political hack ...

The Calm of an informed truth-speaker ...

Turley to Congress: “If you impeach a president, if you make a high crime & misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power. You’re doing precisely what you’re criticizing the president for doing.” — Rep. Doug Collins (@RepDougCollins) December 4, 2019

After hosting PROFESSORS today, Nadler should host PRIESTS tomorrow

The leftwing professors at the clownshow sound like demons. Full of HATE, NO reasoning.

In fact, it's just THEATER ... the entire script pre-written, then rehearsed by the counsel and the professors, now playing out verbatim.

Let's change topic ... a tip for you ...

Avoid buying books written by professors (with a few exceptions) ... Buy books written by DOers who first DID great work and THEN wrote those books.

Media bosses force subordinates to do detestable things

"Bloomberg News is full of talented, meticulous and fair-minded reporters who abhor the decision their bosses made. Mike Bloomberg made clear he wouldn't tolerate critical coverage from his own outlet, so the only choice was quit or execute his wishes."- Reporter Jonathan Swan

Lying leftwing typist loses job

At the time President Trump was serving dinner to troops in Afghanistan, leftwing Newsweek fooled the fooled half of America with this one ...

The leftwing wants this guy as president

So if Biden is the nominee, Trump should just air this. Seriously - the man needs help. Anyone have any clue what this is about? Apart from being extremely scary obviously! — Simon Conway (@SimonRadio1776) December 1, 2019
Says everything you need to know about the quality of today's US left.

Or maybe the polls that put him at the top are fake.

(This is actually a very sad thing: Joe Biden, the senile elder, is being abused.)


Did media flee the Kurdish area?

If we pull our troops, our allies the Kurds are all going to die in the hands of the Turkish army, the leftwing said. With tears.

Troops pulled.

No dead Kurds. Not even wounded Kurds.

Or maybe there are indeed horror stories to cover, but the journalists left the region?

Hey, how's the recession going for you?

In man, you trust. (Krugman.)

But the 2019 Thanksgiving shopping surpassed $4 billion -- for the first time since man appeared on earth.

Thank God, Bill Maher's curse didn't work against you.

President Trump is getting jobs for everyone, but this wannabe president wants to free you from jobs

If he adds a couple more, no one needs to go to work. Ever.

The China-first guy

Will find time to write.

Every statement is TRUE, every prediction came TRUE

Be amazed at the SUBSTANCE of their content ... please also allow these two great Americans Steve and Maria to blow your mind away with their intelligence and communication ability.

Watch the latest video at

CNN now breaks a piece of news I knew two years ago

It is the biggest scandal in America. Ever. But the crime-complicit, crime-coverup leftwing public deception media DID NOT announce this earlier. Earlier ... like ... 2 years ago, which is when I, Colonel Henry, knew it.

Breaking on @CNN: "This is exactly what people close to @realDonaldTrump have been saying, the FBI committed wrongdoing starting this investigation."@PreetBharara says altering a document to obtain a FISA warrant is "really serious, it doesn’t get a lot more serious than that." — Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) November 22, 2019 Inspector General Horowitz just closed the Principal Review of his upcoming report and promptly the leaking has started !

The purpose of this leak about FISA alteration and the ones to follow ... is to shape the narrative.

Reshaped narratives are for the moron class that would be more than happy to keep wallowing in the media vomit. Reshaping is also to protect the criminals (the well-known among t…

I think, I guess, I feeeeeel ... the duly elected president should be removed

SCHIFF'S "FACT" WITNESSES!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 22, 2019

How dictator Schiff got his Pravda to fool America -- momentarily

Here it is plain and simple. @RepAdamSchiff lied to the cameras as he does on a daily basis. — Roscoe B Davis🎖⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@RoscoeBDavis1) November 20, 2019