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Showing posts from August 9, 2009

This 15th of August ... shall we commit to change ourselves?

It is India's Independence Day. Casually turning the pages of a recent magazine, I saw an IBM ad saying that the annual Global Retail Theft Barometer Survey across 36 countries in 2008 found that India has the highest shrinkage rate at 3.1%. Shrinkage is stock loss mainly due to theft by employees and customers.

Oh my God, not again. Not another Global list show-casing India's poor performance in one more area. Only recently did the cover story of Business & Economy show India near the bottom of "good" lists and near the top of "bad" lists.

How do we react in India? Public says Government is bad. Employees say managers are bad. Managers say staff is bad. Consumers say businesses are bad. Parents say college admission practices are bad. And the list goes on. The problem is, we forget that the Government, the colleges, the businesses, everything that we blame is simply us -- you and me.

Starting this Independence Day, could we try something different? Cou…

Gandhian engineering: India's strength?

Indians in India may not have contributed much to the World in the areas of fundamental science and new-to-the-world innovations. But they seem to be doing pretty good at "Gandhian engineering."

Gandhian engineering is about getting more from less for more and more people. Writing in the August 8, 2009 issue of The Times of India , R.A. Mashelkar (president, Global Research Alliance) says "India excels in such innovations." A $2000 car, an 18-cent hepatitis-B vaccine, and a 1-cent mobile phone call are examples.

One of Mashelkar's 5 suggestions to kickstart the "Indian decade of innovation" is to drive inclusive growth by launching an Indian Inclusive Innovation Initiative based on the tenets of Gandhian engineering.

What are your views on an "Indian inclusive" agenda?