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Business analyst with extended role (#2): reasons why

This article assumes you've already read Business analyst with extended role #1: recent arguments.

As we all know, every enterprise is basically engaged in performing "business activities" encompassed in business processes. From enterprise perspective, development of a business application therefore is fundamentally about: Defining what BUSINESS ACTIVITIES would be performed using technologyArchitecting those BUSINESS ACTIVITIES "on" the technology ...(a) some of these activities will be done by people on the user interface while (b) other activities will be done "automatically" by systemMaking it all work so that those activities actually can be performed.Answers to "who does what?" are fairly consistent for most of the items above: the Business Analyst (BA) for item 1 and the technical team for items 3 and 2(b). When it comes to item 2(a) though, we don't see the same level of consistency. User interface (UI) specialists, technical team …

The McCurry label: lack of CREATIVITY?

An Indian fast food restaurant in Malaysia has "beaten" McDonald's in a lawsuit. McCurry can now use the "Mc" in its name.

In many parts of the World, copying the West is common. I do not know whether it is deliberate, but some recent Indian examples that come to mind are Tata NANO (Vs Apple's iPod NANO) and Tata Indica VISTA (Vs Microsoft's Windows VISTA).

Is it fair to ride on somebody else's CREATIVITY and HARD WORK? Is such "copying" always an issue of deception? Or might it be a lack of creativity?

Innovation, NOT restoration

Every day I receive a consulting tip from Institute of Management Consultants, USA. To the question "What new hurdles will consultants have to overcome until the market comes back?" the author responds ...

"Why should our consulting practices be any different than the business of our clients? We face the same accelerative and disruptive forces they do, so it stands to reason that our business would evolve like theirs ... While some aspects of our practice might look the same, there are distinct changes in consulting. Engagement sizes seem to be decreasing, clients are more selective about choosing individual talent than firm pedigree, more are using pricing models, participative compensation or value pricing, and many clients are building internal consulting practices again. We are more likely to restore our consulting practice to health not by doing more of what we used to do but by doing what we advise our clients to do - create a new practice ... Write a business pla…

Business analyst with extended role (#1): recent arguments

Several professionals commented on a question I recently raised at the LinkedIn group of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). The question was  . . .
"Is this a call for extinction of business analysts?"What triggered this question was an Interview at, where the author of a new usability/design book said "... we want you to replace business analysts with designers."

Commentors on my discussion generally thought that the author's statement simply reflected a lack of understanding of software engineering. One of them, Doug Goldberg, gave a rebuttal, which you should read at

And what did I think? . . .

JUST THE OPPOSITE of what the author suggested -- Business Analysts should replace usability/design specialists to design high-level process-centric UI architecture for business applications.My replacement recommendation is only for business applications and only for the architecture part of the UI