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Business analyst with extended role (#4): introducing Sunil G

In article #3 in this series, I said that Business Analysts (BAs) with an extended role/skillset have done real projects -- not 5 or 10, but 175 up to end of 2007. In this article, I'd like to introduce one of those BAs specially trained for the blended role.

Sunil G is a high-potential practitioner. I hired him out of college about 5 years back and trained him in business process centric software development. Sunil has made high-impact contributions in several application development/reengineering projects executed for North American companies. Broadly, his contributions have been in terms of: (a) Substantial user productivity gains and (b) Business process improvements at application and end-to-end process levels.

His activities in those projects have included:

Requirements gathering and definition, providing consulting and coordination at customer sites in the US and CanadaUnified business process improvementArchitecting the improved business process on the user interface, ensuri…

Change leadership: Have you ever launched a Hate campaign?

Vernon Hill, Commerce Bank's founder and former CEO, pioneered a NEW style of retail banking that relies on service rather than interest rates to attract customers and deposits. Talking to new managers, Vernon said "We're asking you to FORGET the way you delivered your skills at other banks." When introducing something new, how do we make our stakeholder groups forget the old? Typically, we use a "love-the-new" campaign that talks about the NEW's nice things. Many years ago, when my COE moved from a traditional user-centric practice to a business process centric practice, I did not stop with a LOVE campaign. I also used a HATE campaign -- a "hate-the-old" campaign. The campaign comprised many items, but here's one example . . . I got some of the practitioners to do a literature study on traditional approaches. The researchers could see for themselves how inadequate existing approaches were in meeting enterprise needs. They also presented …

Business analyst with extended role (#3): evidence of success

In the previous article in this series, I said I'd answer the question whether there is any evidence of success of Business Analysts (BAs) with the extended role/skillset.
Are there such blended-role BAs?
Up to end of 2007, I had created more than 50 BAs with [Analysis] + [Design] capabilities at a Nasdaq-listed software services company.

I did it for one driving reason . . . To bring a business process centric approach to the company's software development practice
This team delivered unprecedented value to the company's Global customers. The value included 100% to 200% user productivity gains (from reengineered applications), streamlined business process at application level, and occassionally, improvements to the end-to-end business process.

The new breed's broader role was essential for actualizing (completing) the good work they did during the Analysis phase. High-level process-centric UI architecture became an integral responsibility.
How are they different from oth…