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Is "Venky" India's Nobel laureate?

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SUDDENLY, everyone is claiming "ownership" of (or affiliation to) the 2009 Chemistry Nobel laureate Venkatraman ("Venky") Ramakrishnan. The press in India. The town where he was born. The state where this town is located. The town in another state where he lived. The university, where he completed his undergraduation. The universities, where he made presentations ... the list goes on ...

Venky, however, left India some four decades ago and received significant education and a culture/environment (for such work) in the US and UK.

There are brilliant Indians like Venky. However, are there institutions/companies in India that can encourage/enable the Venky kind of world-impacting work? If not, is it alright to make claims such as we've seen since the announcement of the Chemistry Nobel prize? And, why were the claims made only after an Award was announced? Why did they not celebrate Venky's great work earlier? As Venky himself a…

How my Columbia connection helped advance the process-centric approach

Read my article published at the Columbia Business School website.

Gordon Bell's "lifelogging"

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In Total Recall, legendary computer scientist Gordon Bell argues that many of us will soon be following his lead. Gordon wears what is called a SenseCam, which takes photos at every twist and turn of his existence. And he stores all this information in vast digital files.

Such electronic memories could provide lifeloggers with an edge. Writing in BusinessWeek (September 14, 2009), Stephen Baker and Arik Hesseldahl say "One goal for the early lifeloggers is to track and optimize performance, from the bottom line to the waistline. Bell, who has undergone two heart bypass operations, has analyzed his own data to draw correlations between his diet, exercise, and symptoms of angina -- and to finetune his regime."

I admire the title of Bell's book (Total Recall) and his passion inspires me. But I'm not sure if I'd follow his passion. Would you? If so, why?