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Business technology (BT) practice for software teams

BT management, the new equivalent of IT management, is focused around things strategic. Let's see how it works. Take the much talked about issue of aligning technology with business.

BT management frameworks suggest what could be done to achieve alignment. For example, a BT management framework might recommend that CIOs "Embed your technology team in the business units" or "Educate your executives about the strategic value of technology" or "Engage in joint problem-solving."

Isn't that a great start? It is.

But, it obviously doesn't go the full distance. Alignment must manifest in the software and in the business process where the software is used. And to realize this, software and business process must be aligned at the architecture stage. In other words, you need to architect for alignment. To architect for alignment, you need a method and a capability.

This is the critical part of BT that I call "The practice of business technology"…