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BT: Is your envisioned software a "good fit"?

Is Jake Pavelka a good fit for Dancing with the Stars? Are you a good fit for Microsoft? Is GAP a good fit for your portfolio? Asking the "is it a good fit?" question is so important that, when I searched for "good fit" Google displayed over 2.7 million results.

Unbelievably, if it's a $600,000 investment in software, questions typically asked are "Do we have a budget for this?" and "Competitors are upgrading to the new technology, shouldn't we too?" And when the "good fit" question finally shows up, often it is to explore a technical concern, "Will this application technically work with ...?" All these are important questions that must be answered, but ...

Here's a more fundamental and crucial "good fit" question you would ask in BT practice: "Is the envisioned Loan Request application a good fit for the Loan Processing business process? Evaluating the envisioned software in the context of overall …