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Two become one

In business technology or BT, "two become one" is about software and business process "merging" to produce defined business outcomes. It is a lesson learned from The Law of Technology Injection.
The business world has been complaining about IT. Much of the complaint is a result of the software road and the process road not coming together for a common cause. Specific complaints by CXOs have been 1. Return Vs Spend disconnect 2. Poor or no alignment with business.
I have seen these business issues in dozens of software initiatives. Software teams are busy getting the software to work and they work harder still to meet the deadline. Besides an ever-shortening project time-frame, another reason given for lack of business orientation is ... Where is the method to make software development business-centric?
BT practice is a set of vital business-centric steps that when "added" to an existing software methodology can enable the "merging" of software and …

Israel: innovation nation

Some three million students in India graduate every year with Engineering degrees. Add to it the millions that receive Science degrees. Remarkable numbers! Unfortunately, more than 80% of the engineering graduates are considered unemployable. Further, you may ask "Where are India's world-renowned scientists and world-leading innovators?" Sure, I can find you a few good ones, but watch this short video for a story in contrast – an inspiration. With a total human population of only 7 million, the performance and positive impact of the tiny nation of Israel has been nothing short of a miracle!

American transparency

SodaStream, the company which sells a soda-making home applicance, has a counter on the website that shows precisely how the company saves the world from plastic bottles.

Daystar TV channel, running a fundraising campaign, sometimes shows every donation as it comes in – the amount, donor's name, and city/country.

These are simply stuff I happened to watch in the last couple days and therefore not representative. Transparency can be seen in a lot of areas – in politics, in economy/business, in science, even in defense!

The level of transparency will not always satisfy every one. Some might feel there should be more in certain areas, others might ask why "reveal" everything?

But generally, transparency is a good thing. And it should be on the agenda of every country that wants to reduce or eliminate corruption.