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To innovate, ACT different

"How did Steve Jobs, Howard Shultz, Michael Dell, and others come up with their world-leading innovative ideas?" "How can I or my team learn from them and innovate?" If you have these questions, you will be happy to pick up and read The Innovator's DNA. The book answers exactly these questions that a lot of people today are asking (yep, that includes my audience at a recent Innovation & Business Technology seminar as well.).
The best news for the curious comes from the authors' 6-year research ... Genetic endowment is not everything ... what matters more is how we act. And the book goes on to describe five specific skills that people can learn and use. So, the book basically underscores the point that: You too can be an innovator.

When I tried to see if I had done anything common across the three practice innovations that I have come up with, I distilled 7 things. Two of them are "Break boundaries" and "Integrate and reconstruct the practi…