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Connecting science and business

"Scientists are often very concerned with incremental knowledge, whereas a good business person will have a higher level of comfort with uncertainty and will be able to make complex choices decisively," says Nina Tandon. But Nina knows the importance of connecting science and business so one can actually put breakthroughs to use. Reason why she is a Columbia Business School eMBA student although she has already received a PhD in biomedical engineering. She hopes to join the small group of women who play the dual role of scientist and executive.

Click to watch Nina's TED talk "Caring for Engineered Tissue."

Academia frequently leads

Some of the most important discoveries and innovations that you and I use today came from labs in academia. At Columbia University, for example, researchers patent more than 300 inventions a year! At the two Columbia Business School exec education programs I attended, about half a dozen of the faculty who taught had published books based on their research.
Hope this is some inspiration for folks in developing countries, where the pride instead is on numbers (lots of institutions, lots of students) and even a basic such as teaching quality is often poor.