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Grateful for ... The team I've had

I was recently trying to identify ways in which I may have impacted people and organizations in the last 25 years. I shortlisted four categories of impact, each benefiting a different stakeholder. As I prepared my impact scorecard, I noticed one important thing ...
My team members are my greatest accomplishment. Without them, my previous employer Cognizant, its (largely American) customers, and the Indian IT industry would not have profited the way they did. So, this Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for the people I've had in my teams at Cognizant – from the company's mid-90s formative years to the end of 2007 when it was a multi-billion dollar IT giant.

Some of us always knew that we did what the best teams in the world do. We ditched the idea of merely executing traditional job-descriptions and instead did new things by fighting cultures and processes. What we did, therefore, has stories and insights on innovation, change leadership, and corporate entrepreneurship. Here are a …

Rita McGrath named in Thinkers50

Happy to see Prof Rita McGrath in the 2011 Thinkers50 list. I attended her Spring 2008 class of Columbia Business School's executive education program, "Leading Strategic Growth and Change.” Her Thinkers50 profile is here:

Also happy to see in the list other business thinkers I admire including Kim & Mauborgne, Gary Hamel, Seth Godin, and of course Tom Peters.