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This only happens in the US?

Take Randy Komisar, who created the job category "Virtual CEO." Randy set out to help entrepreneurs grow themselves and their companies, but here's what happened next:
Harvard Business School Press editor flew out to meet and convince him to write a book, which became a national bestsellerThe book led to a teaching position at Stanford UniversityWhich led to his current position as a partner in Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.Or take Erik Proulx, who did not have a job or money or experience to make a film he wanted to make. Erik merely posted his film-making intention on his blog, but here's what happened only hours later:
Ad Age picked up the storySony gave him the camerasVirginAmerica covered his travel to Los Angeles (to interview people for his film)Top movie editors and product houses donated time to help turn vast footage into thirty-six minutes of geniusHis wife remained his greatest champion throughout.What do you call this? A culture of innovation ... a …

Turn uncertainty into opportunity

No, the book titled Uncertainty is not about economic uncertainty that is on everyone's mind today. Its about the uncertainty that typically accompanies your effort to create a product, movie, book, art – anything new.
Uncertainty, along with risk of loss and exposure to judgment, has the potential to hurt creative endeavors and sometimes the creators themselves. The book suggests that rather than fear or avoid these three factors, innovators should learn to leverage them because they are integral to actually improving your creative process. For example, filmmaker Erik Proulx had his wife as champion so his creative quest became theirs and "altered the uncertainty and judgment dynamic in a way that allowed him to take risks and create on a level that would have been impossible had he been locked in a battle for support."
Based on interviews with several contemporary innovators including Marie Forleo and Peter Wallace, author Jonathan Fields illustrates how they all convert…