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"Un-Follow the leader"

"You sometimes hear "yes" to a question before you've even explained it," says Columbia Business School professor/scholar Michael Morris, who also runs a research lab in India. "It is great that people are so agreeable and eager to help, but, as a manager, I need my young programmers to propose how they think it should be done." Based on his experience and experiments in India, Professor Morris advices, "Un-Follow the leader."

Innovation requires people to assert their ideas, but folks in India know that most employees here – the newly hired, the senior, and all those in between – blindly align with their boss. Note that this alignment is not entirely out of respect for the boss or out of an unselfish attitude. Also, most bosses too support  – and even subtly impose – this culture becaue it helps them as well.

Unfortunately, the outcome of such employee-boss alignment is always mediocrity.

Couple of stories on how I avoided this dangerous tr…