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A lot of humans, very little humanity?

A domestic servant we employed was badly hit by a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist offered to take the victim to a hospital. He put the victim in a taxi while he rode right in front as if to navigate the taxi to the hospital. At an intersection, he took a different turn and vanished. Well, this is common in india. In fact, wherever there is a road accident, it is common to see people simply crowding and watching the victims – until a rare "Samaritan" comes by to help.

Take the recent flood disaster in the Himalayan temple towns. Thanks to india's free and powerful media – the government and the politically-motivated were forced into action. Thousands of people were rescued. Unfortunately, what happened at the disaster site was even worse than what typically happens on roads:
Those stranded were looted and rapedDead bodies were pillagedTourists were fleeced ... it was not just the hotel prices that went through the roof, medicines and food were sold at 10 times the maximum r…