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On my 50th, I celebrate my family

My 50th birthday is about you – if you are part of what I will simply call "The Great Family" (some of the folks I mention here are outside my paternal/maternal circle, yet we're all like one big family). Here's why I say it's about you. Firstly, I want to thank you because you probably touched my life in a positive way. Secondly, I want to spotlight and applaud a few of us who've been, in my view, excellent in key areas of life.

Late grandpa Edward was a stubbornly good person. He shared Biblical ethics, illustrating them with his own life experiences. He was also a star in his profession, heading schools and always hunted by competing schools, some run by the Brits. A rare combination of "nice guy" and "winner" in one person. He and folks like late uncle Augustine set up a great foundation based on Judeo-Christian values.

People always sought my late aunt Selina. That's because she genuinely cared for every one – fr…