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Is Design Thinking worth the time and money?

Designing Thinking (DT) is a bunch of tools or techniques that can be used in your design or innovation process. In Solving Problems with Design Thinking, authors Jeanne and others list the following as design thinking tools:
VisualizationJourney mappingValue chain analysisMind mappingBrainstormingConcept developmentAssumption testingRapid prototypingCustomer co-creationLearning launch Most of these tools are focused around people. Some help bring together people who must preferably come together to design a better solution. The other tools help get insights into people who can then be provided with better design. You pick one or more tools based on your purpose.

Is Design Thinking new? DT tools have been used for decades in the design of everyday products. For example, in the mid-90s human factors expert Richard Anderson taught many of these tools at a University of California, Berkeley course I attended. Back then, "co-creation" used to be called participatory design. "…