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A company's original story can still be powerful

Nike has a marketing staffer whose ONLY job is to tell the original Nike story to all new employees.

Apple University, set up by Steve Jobs, inculcates employees into Apple’s business culture and educates them about its history.

IBM celebrates its past innovations and innovators.

Legendary companies celebrate their past successes as well as their alumni who made those successes possible. Turns out, these celebrations help make the organizations even more successful.

Unfortunately, many companies are too narrow-minded to use and benefit from this approach.

Structure or strategy: which one first?

"Structure must follow strategy – not the other way around," say Marc de Swaan et al in HBR (they show how the marketing organization can connect to corporate strategy).

That aligns with what Kaplan & Norton suggest in Strategy Maps.

Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur

Achievers not afraid to say "I did it"

GM board member Steve Girsky says, "I made big changes." Cassius Clay says, "I was the best player in the tournament ... I did a lot." Both quotes picked from the July-Aug 2014 issue of HBR. But if you want an older example, read what the world's first software programmer Ada Lovelace said about herself in Walter Isaacson's book The Innovators.

Isn't proud declaration better than hypocritical humility?