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Grow with English, but also be grateful to them that gave it

Thanks to the English language, Indians with spoken English skills are successful in India.

English has also given them success abroad. For example, it gave them an early advantage over many other Asians such as the Chinese. Even back then in the 80s and 90s, the chinese could develop software code at least as good as the indians, but did not have the benefit of spoken English skills. "Of particular significance is the English language advantage," points a McKinsey report. English skills therefore played an important role in the success of India's IT outsourcing industry.

Given India's overall negative brand, which is a result of corruption, poor living conditions, etc and given the typical Indian's inability/refusal to integrate with cultures/countries where they travel, it is possibly the English language that gave them the acceptance abroad.

Unfortunately, I'm yet to hear people expressing gratitude to the folks – the Brits – that gave them the language an…

Curbing religious violence: Bhagat's take

Many religious texts contain violence as well and some groups interpret them as a call for violence. Chetan Bhagat says, "(The Hindu text) Gita's famous saying 'a virtuous war must be fought' can be seen as justifying violence." How come this phrase is not interpreted more often as a call for violence? Bhagat answers, "Hindu radical groups don't have as much power as Muslim radical groups do." By power, he means financial, military, political, and media power. "This power needs to be curbed" is Bhagat's solution to the problem of violence based on any religion. Click to read his article.