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Dragon energy: can Kanye fix race relations?

Polls on race relations under Obama ... December 2014: Bloomberg Politics poll ... July 2016: Rasmussen poll ... July 2016: Times / CBS News poll ... October 2016: CNN / ORC poll.

Back in 1860, democrats owned all of the 4 million slaves in America. And republicans freed the slaves.

But, using media, academia, and the entertainment industry, the democratic left has falsified history.

They came up with a BIG LIE they called the big switch. According to this lie, "Southern Democrats switched to the Republican Party, supposedly evidenced by South Carolina's Sen. Strom Thurmond. However, according to The End of Southern Exceptionalism by Byron Shafer and Richard Johnston, both blacks and non-racist Southerners switched parties due to changes in economic opportunities. Since 1860, less than 1% of Southern Democrat representatives and senators switched parties."

Black musician Kanye West tweeted "You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not lov…