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America's worst and most complex WEB of scandals happened on Obama's watch

If you've only been watching legacy media, you've heard a lot about the Mueller investigation of possible Russian interference. Problem is ... Mueller himself has been engaged in scandals and the team assigned to him is full of conflicts of interest. It's ugly, if you know the details. So, America is skeptical about the trustworthiness of the Muller investigation.

In parallel, Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been conducting an investigation on a wide range of Obama-era scandals. Reports will be released and (hopefully) actions will be taken by US Attorney John Huber in the next few to several months.

In fact, a part of the IG's report is already released, which concludes that ex-FBI McCabe lied many times and leaked classified information, reasons why he was terminated.

Instead of watching the corporate media, you may want to get on the internet to see all of the crimes yourself. There are original documents, original videos, excellent citizen-journalist analyse…