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IG does say there was political bias. Ignore the media, read the report.

Read the body of the IG report (not the summary and recommendations, which do not reflect the body). Here's where the IG mentions political bias by FBI.
An investigative report on the actions of FBI/DOJ by an internal "HR department" cannot be clearer than this. And yet ...

... the leftist media deliberately ran with this part of the paragraph: "did not find documentary or testimonial evidence" !

They just DECEIVED 7 billion PEOPLE.

Here's the report.

EARLIER: "Trump's starting a NuKe war." NOW: "Trump's legitimizing NoKo." SO: People react.

Those duped by the leftist media keep nodding every time, regardless of what hypocritical content is presented.

But not all duped are dumb.

Those with common sense are seeing the media as deceitful and complicit with the leftist crime cabal. So they're quietly (or loudly) moving to where they see leadership and real positive change.

The "loud" movers include ...
Dennis Rodman

Candace Owens

Kanye West