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Great insights for Do-and-Persuade situations

Scott Adams describes how the White House is executing a brutally effective High Ground Persuasion Play. — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) July 20, 2018
Are you trying to DO something (meet an objective or overcome a challenge)? Are you trying to PERSUADE your audience about you, your approach, and the outcomes? Devising powerful strategies and communications is critical, particularly if you are in business, politics, foreign policy, or war.

However, as can be seen on the left, which lacks leadership, strategies, and messages that matter, this is not possible unless you free yourself from the dnc propaganda media, which has been making people mentally ill and continues to be a threat to America. (Social media is no different. Good news is PEOPLE are responding. Facebook's stock dropped 20% with a $120 billion loss in value and Twitter lost a million users and its shares plummeted 20%.)

Scott Adams analyzes recent actual events to present insights that would …