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Chinese and Pakistani spies in democrat teams, but media focused on Manafort's jacket

Don’t disturb the DNC media’s serious 24/7 coverage of Paul Manafort’s jacket.

DNC media is assigned to only one region: Russia. They're not supposed to cover Asia (unless ...).

They won't cover Pakistani spy Awan … a close aide of disgraced DNC head Wasserman.

They also won't cover the Chinese spy Lowe… a close aide of democrat senator Feinstein.

Just two recent examples. But you understand how the dnc media DECEIVES the public by EITHER not disclosing OR yawning at serious revelations. B/c these revelations are damaging to their DNC masters.

BTW: Spies and other bad actors mostly crop up in Silicon Valley. Blame it on democrats’ fake love for diversity (the real reason is votes … think illegal aliens, illegal voting, open borders, sanctuary cities, anti-ICE protests …).

Know where RACISM comes from? Look at the NYT editorial board.

That the leftist political media is deceitful is something that the world is increasingly realizing. But could you imagine the loving left to be racist? They're the ones who shout racist, racist, racist ... right?

Fact is, racism originated on the left and continues to thrive on the left. Most recent/prominent example: NYT handpicked an openly (and DISGUSTINGLY) racist woman for its editorial board.

This racist woman Jeung happens to be from Asia. (In parts of Asia, including India, some form of racism is practiced every moment.) White-hating Jeung has however appropriated everything that Whites created ... she has renamed herself Sarah (Israeli name often seen among Whites) ... she escaped to a country that was discovered, designed, and largely built by Whites (with a lot of help from blacks and others) ... everyday she uses things that Whites invented ... A typical invader/plunderer.

The DNC media hires people just like Jeung (how else can the America-hating political media be s…

Pedophilia and the left

We can find bad people on both sides, left and right. What matters is which side does most of the bad and is therefore a threat to society.

Validate the following two statements yourself on social media:

1. Pedophilia is mostly seen on the left. James Gunn is only the most recent example.

2. Pedophilia is almost entirely defended and normalized by the left.

“The next time you hear a Democrat claim to be an advocate for sex crime victims, women’s rights and children — educate them on how leftist policies (hypocritical behaviors, I would say) actually hurt these groups and are enabling pedophiles and rapists.” Article. More sources ...
Leftist New York Times normalizes pedophilia. Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a CrimeLeftist Hollywood defends pedophiles. Stars rally around liberal James Gunn after offensive tweets, unlike reaction to Trump-supporting Roseanne BarrSickos: Leftists seek to make pedophilia the next social justice frontWhy are so many leftists pedophiles? You choose: Stay asso…

Rogue NYT was more civil in 1984

NYT said nice things about Trump (read below). Trump hasn't changed. NYT has changed. To sewer grade.

Reason: NYT knows that Trump is the ONLY American patriot who ALSO has the Churchill-like courage that is required to:
Expose the crimes of DNC/DeepState and their mediaAnd (hopefully) stop further damage to America. Here are quotes from NYT's article THE EXPANDING EMPIRE OF DONALD TRUMP.

'DONALD! HEY, DONALD! DONALD!' THE men were yelling, eager to call him by name.

"The Trump touch. It has set some people in New York to outright Trump  worship; they call him 'a real-estate genius' who has helped lead the city out of the darkness of the mid-1970's into a new era of glamour and excitement."

"That Mr. Trump was able to obtain the location [for Trump Tower], when every real-estate developer in the world would have done just about anything to get it, is testimony to Donald Trump's persistence and to his skills as a  negotiator."