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Excellence => Innovation => Change => Business results

I'm sure lots of folks already know the causal linkages below ...

Excellence => Innovation => Change => Business results

Why am I recording it here? Because: (1) It does not appear to be highlighted in literature and training (2) It is a path through which I have personally journeyed and therefore know that it works.

Excellence is a concept frequently used in academia. But, it is not commonly associated with business. Even when a business launches a "Center of Excellence," a high level of academic intent and content are suggested in the label. Also, not much is expected in terms of business results.

On the other hand, there is so much evidence out there showing the connection between excellence and business results.

Therefore, if you think excellence sounds too "academic" for use in business, borrow an idea from Columbia Business School, which presented me a Certificate in Business Excellence ... try "business excellence" instead.

FROM innovation-driven change TO business results

Recall cases of innovation driving change. Most examples involve a company introducing a new product, which creates change at the customer end.

How about a company's innovation requiring the company itself to change? Typically this happens when employees come up with process innovations.

How does an innovation-driven change create business results for the company? Do you have some examples to share? For my personal case, please read Article 1 and Article 2.