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Now in the IDG Influencer Network, to which I've contributed a couple dozen articles on strategy translation, is part of IDG. IDG educates tech buyers in 147 countries. The IDG Influencer Network is a community of vetted experts who produce content on behalf of IDG's clients. Happy to be part of this network!

Interviewed by Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech Research Group interviewed me. They are a technology research and advisory company that serves over 30,000 tech professionals internationally. Their advice helps CIOs and IT leaders make strategic decisions.

The interview was about how "traditional" tech leaders could adapt to today's strategy-driven digital transformation initiatives.

The output of their research is titled "How to Assert IT’s Relevance During Digital Transformations. Don’t become the next VP of electricity."

Others interviewed for this research include:
Ken Piddington, CIO and Executive Advisor, MRE ConsultingValerie Shannon, Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation, RSA InsuranceAlan M. Capper, Partner, Global Head of Operations & Support, Mercer I have a pre-publication copy of the research, but unfortunately can't share it.

Congress with a different talent stack ... Who's sane, who's not ... And more

Scott Adams talks about appearing on Fox & Friends, the Bigfoot test, the insanity inversion, Congress, and coffee — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) August 24, 2018

Shiva uses humor to differentiate himself from his opponent

Thanks to David Ogilvy and Al Ries. I can detect a talent for differentiation/positioning/persuasion.

I know about senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai's academic and technical accomplishments, but it was his "talent to differentiate" that caught my attention.

Scott Adams would call it a "talent to use humor to persuade." His interview of Shiva is really good ... lots of ideas on a variety of topics ... watch ...
Scott Adams talks to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (running against Elizabeth Warren) about immigration, education, and innov… — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) August 23, 2018

How to make yourself VALUABLE: build a talent stack

Scott Adams writes about two ways to make yourself valuable.

"The first way is to become the best at some specific skill, the way Tiger Woods dominated golf. But not many of us can be Tiger Woods. So that path is unavailable to 99% of the world.

I recommend a different approach. Most people can – with practice – develop a variety of skills that work well together. I call this idea the Talent Stack. For example, I’m a famous syndicated cartoonist who doesn’t have much artistic talent, and I’ve never taken a college-level writing class. But few people are good at both drawing and writing. When you add in my ordinary business skills, my strong work ethic, my risk tolerance, and my reasonably good sense of humor, I’m fairly unique. And in this case that uniqueness has commercial value."

Continue reading Scott's article. And/or read a clarification on Scott's idea provided by a man who combines professional boxing, a physics degree, and publishing – Ed Latimore!
When most…